August 12, 2018

Poppin' Tags 001...

by Chris Randall

One of my favorite things on YouTube is the Rhythm Roulette videos on the Mass Appeal channel; I generally love process videos anyhow, and the particular strictures of the Rhythm Roulette format really push my buttons. If you're not familiar, the tl;dr version is that a hip-hop producer goes to a record store, puts on a blindfold, picks three records at random, and then has to make a beat from what they got. It's worth noting that they hardly ever use the records they get for the percussion parts; usually, it's Rando Trap Drums from PetaBytes O' Beatz 43, and I give a big point deduction for that. The ability to squeeze a drum kit out of any given piece of music should be mandatory.

So, for my own Poppin' Tags, I made that a rule: nothing in the song that wasn't originally on the three records. And my other rule that is a departure from Rhythm Roulette is that it needs to be a full song at the end of the day, not just a beat.

Anyhow, with all that out of the way, the above video is the result. I actually filmed the entire process, but it was almost 3 hours long, and that was silly; who wants to sit and watch me edit samples for 3 hours? So I just cut out little bits here and there, and the track (along with the other four, to make a full 5-song EP), in its finished form, will be released on Bandcamp when they're all done.

In further news, there is now an Analog Industries merch store... Not much in it right now, but as things progress, it'll get full up. Check out the offerings.


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Aug.15.2018 @ 11:09 AM
Chris Randall
I'll take the question seriously, though. I actually cut a bit out of the video where I explained why I didn't film the actual pull because it was too long and not germane to the topic at hand. (I cut out a fuckton. The first slice was like 35 minutes long.)

Short version: the Goodwill by my house is _very_ sketchy, and walking in there with my camera rig and filming myself blindly pulling out three records and paying for them would have been asking for nonsense. (Not trouble, specifically; I'm 6' 4" and covered in tattoos, and it has been _years_ since someone was aggressive towards me; more like I just didn't feel like explaining myself to some homeless meth addict.)

For the second one (which should be up in a day or two) I went to a used record store instead, and the blind pull was hilarious, and I'm regretting not filming it. I took a Mulligan, because the pull included yet another copy of Aaron Copeland conducting Appalachian Spring.


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