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August 19, 2005

Hard-Core Gear Porn Friday!!!

by Chris Randall

Okay, this is kind of a gimmee, because anyone who is in to synths at all and has been on the internet for more than, like, 3 hours or so knows about ?ikira and her gear. But for both of you that haven't seen this site, she has more synths and outboard than any ten normal gear-obsessed synth players. I've decided, after a couple years of occasionally gazing at her website, that there is this sort of ?ikira Event Horizon, which constitutes the absolute limit of the number of synths you can have and still get work done.

There are so many synths in this studio that it has become something of a magnetic attractor, a dip on the synth gravity plane, like those pit things in Marble Madness. I mean, members of the Synth Illuminati just drop by, I suppose in the hopes that the ?ikira Event Horizon will have enough give in it to maybe hold just one more synth. "I'm sure if we moved these three Nords closer together, we'd be able to fit this new guy in..."

August 18, 2005

A turn for the worse...

by Chris Randall

Bob Moog isn't doing too well, as you no doubt know. The hospice page put up for checking his condition was updated today, and seems to not really have any news that could be described as "good." The site is here, if you haven't seen it.

August 18, 2005

The Best Free VST/AU Ever?

by Chris Randall

Well, I don't know about all that, but as free VST and AU plugins go, the Luxonix LFX1310 is one of the best. It's a multi-effects unit about on par with an SPX-90 or thereabouts. It's been available as a PC VST for some time, but has just today been made available for OSX VST and AU. Free as in beer (you must cough up an email addy, nothing more.)

In use, it is quite simple. There are three slots, and each one can hold one of 24 different effects. All the normal utilitarian effects are included, which makes this (for the money) an incredibly useful tool. Go get you some.

August 17, 2005

Coming soon to a DAW near you...

by Chris Randall

Our new baby is definitely Getting There. All my previous screenshots of DubStation (either here or OSXaudio) have had the AU version. As you can see, it is now running happily in Nuendo on PC. We had a bit of a problem with the MIDI learn mode stuff, but it is fixed, and DubStation's major development is now done. All that remains is to tighten up the code a bit (Adam calls this "optimizing"), write presets and the manual, and beta-testing.

So, here's the basic deal with DubStation:

>> Delay time from 4ms to 2000ms

>> True 'analog' style delay, where the signal pitches when the time is changed.

>> MIDI learn mode for VST (this is handled by the host in AU plugs)

>> Host sync, reverse, loop, and low-cut on the delayed signal

It really is a simple plug-in, and you'll barely need the manual. It will be US$39.00, and available in our store for instant download when the time comes. Obviously, I'll keep you posted.

August 16, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Entire Music Industry Shuts Down!

by Chris Randall

Man, I'm sorry about no posting, guys, but there ain't fuck-all happening out there. I haven't found anything interesting to talk about in nigh-on 24 hours or so. Although, I'm secure in the knowledge that I'm not alone, because none of the other music blog sites have, either.

It is truly the Dog Days of summer, and it seems everyone is taking a breather from not announcing anything worth a shit at Summer NAMM, so they can ready their press releases on what they're not doing at AES. Here at Audio Damage Graphics And Concept HQ, I'm currently testing the VST version of DubStation which Adam winged at me this morning. AU is done, done, done. So it's only a matter of time before we start sending out our own press releases about that little beauty.

I was hoping to find some interesting plug-in news to post about, since I haven't done a software post in a bit, but the most exciting thing KvR has listed in the last week is the free Brackenburg guitar amp modeller. Everything else is just software updates and SynthEdit shit.

So, here's to hoping something interesting happens soon so we can all fight to see who can make the pithiest comments about it.


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