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March 31, 2008

Various Things...

by Chris Randall

As was noted in the previous thread, Grindhouse has moved outside our little circle. Case in point: Radio Slave's "Grindhouse Tool" (which, although it doesn't have enough 'verb on the foot, follows the tenets of the faith rather closely). This is obviously minimalist Grindhouse. I've been listening to the track for like five and a half minutes now and it doesn't appear to be anything but a drum beat and some verby sounds, which I personally think takes the concept a little far, but what the fuck do I know?

I can't find a link to the Dubfire remix that is causing all the hullabaloo, so please do provide it if you have knowledge.

In other news, we're probably going to postpone Kombinat's release a little bit, as I optimistically forgot Adam was going to Japan in two weeks. While we could probably release before he went, he wouldn't be here if something should go awry, and you really don't want me poking around in the code trying to fix things. I can code in the same way that I can cook. It gets the job done but it isn't pretty and it doesn't taste too good.

What we do have coming in the next couple few days will amuse some and amaze others, and make about six people really happy. More on that maybe later today.

Next, our new commissioned banner is running on KvR starting today. It gives me a case of the giggles every time I see it, but some people don't get it. You be the judge.

And finally, for some reason I got on an Old School (har har har) IDM kick. I actually had to re-buy several records that I had lost when a CD wallet got misplaced/stolen, and these included the Sgt. Pepper's of IDM, Tri Repetae. I haven't listened to this album in several years, and frankly I didn't like it that much when it came out. For some reason, it is really appealing to me now. I think, in my advanced age, I'm able to appreciate the subtlety of the album. Dunno. But IDM is a genre that moves rather slowly, so it doesn't sound dated at all, compared to other forms of purely electronic music. Or maybe they made it so advanced that it is actually current now?

Who knows? Anyhow, I was going to post a thread-starter on IDM production techniques, but the exact wording hasn't come to me. Perhaps later today.

March 28, 2008

Audio Damage Update : Kombinat...

by Chris Randall

I spent the whole day finishing the UI for Kombinat and chopping it in to little pieces for VSTGUI. Once I got that done, I decided to have a little fun and make the traditional glamour shot a little early. In the process, I got some fancy new lighting profiles in to 3DS Max, which gave me (and the image) some warm fuzzies.

Whack that image above, and you can see the full-sized PNG in all its... err... glamour. It is easily large enough to make out all the controls, and it should be fairly apparent what's going on. A brief rundown of the signal path follows:

1. Equalizer: If you have Live, this will be immediately obvious. It is essentially exactly the same as the little 3-band "EQ Three" DJ EQ in that DAW, with the exception that you can gain the bands a bit more, for the purposes of overdriving the distortion engines. On the bottom of this section, you'll note the "MODE" switch. In "MULTI" mode, each band gets one distortion engine. In "SERIES" mode, you get the EQ, then all three engines in series. This obviously means massively huge signal destruction.

2. Distortion: These are the three distortion engines, obviously. As you can see in the image, there are eight possible configurations for each engine. If you're one of the few people that bought our first product, the Mayhem suite (no longer available, obviously) you'll note that each engine contains Master Destrukto in its entirety. There is also a fairly cool ring mod, the distortion part of FuzzPlus, and a custom "gating" distortion block which follows the modern boutique pedal trend currently making the rounds. The number of knobs available changes depending on the type selected, from one (FUZZ) to three (RING). There is also a pass-through, called THRU, amusingly enough.

3. Output: Here's where the magic happens. The "FILTER" section is the 4PLP self-resonating model from Dr. Device. No particular reason to include it in this unit except that everything is more fun with a fat-ass lowpass filter in it. Under that is the "COMPRESSION" knob, which loosely follows the compressor found in ReBirth in all its single-control glory. It basically goes from "off" to "more." The "INPUT" knob can overdrive the whole unit (coupled with the gain knobs in the EQ section, you get a total of 14db of gain over unity), and "OUTPUT" is obvious. The whole mess has a nice clipper.

So, there you have it. We still have about a week of work on the Windows version, then however long the OS X stupidity takes. (Anyone that is a frequent reader will know this is completely unpredictable.) Kombinat will be US$49.00. I'll start putting up samples next week, once we have everything tuned to taste.

March 28, 2008

I, for one, welcome our new 23-secret-ingredient-wielding music business overlords...

by Chris Randall

Of course, if we're incredibly lucky, it won't actually work. But if history is any judge, we won't be lucky. At least we'll get a free can of soda out of the deal.

This is kind of like the polar opposite of NIN/Radiohead, in a weird sort of way.

March 27, 2008

Tooth decay open thread...

by Chris Randall

I spent a fair portion of the day at the dentist, and am in no mood to go traipsing about the Interwebs looking for something to amuse us all, having had my head drilled upon for quite some time.

As such, this is a topic-free open thread. What's on your mind? New music you like? Want to talk about some piece of gear I haven't mentioned? Anything goes. Anything that isn't completely and utterly retarded, anyways.

March 25, 2008

Audio Damage Update : Kombinat...

by Chris Randall

We're just about done with major coding on Kombinat, our next product. Here's a little teaser. (Subject to drastic change, as always.) More in the coming days.


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