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January 27, 2008

New at NAMM...

by Chris Randall

Down in the basement, with the Chinese USB-Powered Melodica makers and the singing toilet seat, we find this wonderful new iteration of the analog low-pass filter. Completely passive in operation, it also doubles as a speaker cozy. The company's motto: "Im on ur Adamz, mufflin' ur high-end."

January 26, 2008

Uh oh, here we go again...

by Chris Randall

I know I swore off modulars like two years ago, as a big fat waste of time and money, but there's some really interesting stuff coming out for Eurorack format lately, and I have to admit that it has piqued my interest.

In particular, I've been eyeballing the Livewire shit. The Chaos Computer (yeah, I realize it isn't released yet, you literal fucks...) obviously has my attention, because it's just the sort of thing I like, but most of the Livewire line seems to live somewhere between cool and sexy. I've been pondering getting a 6U Doepfer rack and making a system expressly for play-by-itself type shit. Does any of my fair readers (excluding, you know, all the people I banned for posting retarded comments in the last thread) own some Livewire shit, and can you speak to its general build quality and robustness?

January 24, 2008

Variations On A Theme...

by Chris Randall

There's an article that has been making the rounds written by Simon Napier-Bell, the manager of quite a few name artists, including the Yardbirds, Wham!, Japan, Ultravox, and Asia. It appeared in The Observer last weekend and has caused quite a splash among the Various People that Know.

Interestingly, the article doesn't say anything that anyone who has had a recording contract with a proper label doesn't know, but it puts the entire experience in this sort of meta-framework which is interesting. Even to those of us that Know. It does make me pine for the 70s a bit, though. Read and discuss...

January 23, 2008


by Chris Randall

I Eat Beats from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

Peter Kirn got all up in our grill with a bubblegum sequencer over on CDM. Well, Peter. I'll see your bubblegum sequencer, and raise you one done with Skittles. If candy-based sequencers were "Shane," this one would be Jack Palance. I think making electronic music with little balls of sugar is a curiously unexplored area that merits more consideration. Somewhere in here, we'll find the next John Cage.

January 23, 2008

Ricochet Progress...

by Chris Randall

It's just about up to the fat lady at this point, because we're moving right along. As you can see in the above picture, the OS X VST is 99% done. People that are paying attention will note that the above screenshot shows the thus-far-unseen mod screen, and the value pop-ups we're using now. Those little flags will come up whenever you "grab" a knob, and show the true value, which is kinda handy, and an oft-requested feature.

Anyways, there are a couple bugs that are common to both the Windows and OS X versions that need to be addressed, and presets need to be added, then it's just the AU version (which might be a bit hairy on this one), the manual, and testing.

So, definitely not before the end of January, but early February is looking pretty good at this point. As soon as Ricochet is released, we're going to do maintenance releases on a couple of our other plugs (notably Replicant, which has an automation bug we've just discovered), and then it's movin' on.


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