October 5, 2005

And another thing...

by Chris Randall

AES starts Friday, and I just want to jot a quick note to major manufacturers: don't send me your fucking press releases. I don't know how I got on your Big List Of Shills, but I only talk about things that, like, don't completely fucking blow. Nobody cares if you put a tube in your beatbox for extra phatt beatz. Seriously.

I'm not kidding. This site is boutique only, unless it is really fucking fly, so spare me.


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Oct.06.2005 @ 4:07 PM
Ha! Right on.

A single 12ax7(glow or no) does not a summer make. Or a piece of boutique gear.

Wouldn't it be cool, tho? Bring something home from Radio Shack or WalMart, wire just one - just one! - tube up to it, and instant DEPTH! CLARITY! THICKNESS! THAT ELUSIVE ANALOG WARMTH!

Whew, sorry. Got worked up there. Brain filled with scintillating images , rows of softly glowing filaments encased in glass...

Prediction/Question: If people keep putting tubes up front to glow all purty-like, how long will it be before they start putting patterns and designs in the glass making up the tube?




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