February 5, 2008

Audio Damage Update...

by Chris Randall

We lost a couple days due to a disagreement between Xcode, the PPC version of OSX, and VSTGUI3.5, but otherwise everything is moving ahead on Ricochet. All five (5!!!) versions have now been built and are working. Adam is chasing down a couple little bugs that I found while writing presets, then it's out to the full group of testers for, well, testing.

So, barring any more unforeseen problems, Ricochet will be released I don't know when. But some time in 2008, I think. Maybe a week and a half? Maybe a month and a half? Not sure enough at this point to make any real predictions.

Obviously, I'm back from my Hell Weekend Of Driving A Box Truck Through A Blizzard For 70 Odd Hours, and as soon as I recover my wits, we'll be back to a normal posting schedule.




Feb.05.2008 @ 3:12 PM
5 versions. fuck. that's ridiculous.sounds like as much fun as driving through a blizzard.

Feb.05.2008 @ 5:50 PM
At least you'll get some good boarding in this winter, right?

Feb.05.2008 @ 6:13 PM
Chris Randall
It's actually a little too fluffy now. I've gone three times so far this year, and only once was really good. Powder isn't very good for snowboarding unless you have a powder board, and I don't because the snow here tends heavy and wet, so there's no need for one.

Imagine, if you will, wading hip deep in packing peanuts for several hours, and you'll have an idea of what it might be like to snowboard in deep powder.



Feb.06.2008 @ 1:34 AM
I just went boarding for the first time on saturday, and I can't for the life of me figure out how I managed to spend my whole like in Oregon and never once try it. Even though I must have eaten shit at least a couple hundred times and got a concussion for my troubles, I'm completely hooked, and I'm going again this weekend.

Feb.06.2008 @ 6:24 AM
Ricochet? I will always be Tapioca for me... although not my suggestion. What about Tapir? Argh... should have sent you that one.

Feb.06.2008 @ 9:11 AM
Well, at least y'all have a base. Here in NE, what started off looking like it might be decent season has pretty much melted away. Unless we have a good late-spring dump it looks like a lot more of boarding on man-made pack.

Feb.06.2008 @ 3:13 PM
Adam Schabtach
Tapir wouldn't have won anyway, Carl. Sorry.



Feb.06.2008 @ 5:24 PM
I know. I know...



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