February 4, 2008

t3h awesome...

by Chris Randall




Feb.04.2008 @ 3:25 AM
That was awesome and just like Cloverfield

..except without the cyborg-like daytime soap actors, and pretentious hand held psuedo doco camera, and 5 seconds of CGI, and phony sets and hammy plot with 'Lost'-esque style 'mysteries', and Starship trooper rip off bugs...

but really it was just like Cloverfield..only a billion times better.

ps King Kong vs Godzilla is the best Toho classic IMHO


Feb.04.2008 @ 5:48 AM
The song wasn't too interesting on the Bounte scale -tm- but there are only a few other videos in the world that manage to condense so much awesomeness to two and a half minutes...

Feb.04.2008 @ 6:59 AM
What was the guy saying in the vocal loop? "Almost like they're trying to fake it?" Stupid MacBook speakers. That loop's gonna be stuck in my head for a while, whatever it is.

Feb.04.2008 @ 9:48 AM
Dave McAnally
"but really it was just like Cloverfield..only a billion times better."

Oh man...not to get off subject, but I saw that on Friday and literally almost lost my lunch. I've never had motion sickness issues (although early versions of Quake would give me a headache), but FUCK! You may wanna chew some gum or something if you see it in a theater. Or better yet, wait till it is on a small screen.

That said, you can't see the monster's zipper in it, and that is truly the mark of a truly awesome monster.


Feb.04.2008 @ 11:39 AM
the Cloverfield cynics amaze me. i LOVED the movie. i was sitting up close and didn't get sick at all-- although i can certainly understand that criticism.

Feb.04.2008 @ 1:16 PM
Frickin' awesome.

Whoever doesn't like cloverfield is a sucka. And suckas dont get paid no heed.


Feb.04.2008 @ 3:31 PM
Wow talk about effective bait.



Feb.04.2008 @ 4:57 PM
Dave McAnally
I'm not sayin I didn't like it...I'm just sayin it made me sick.

Also, the central characters (save for Hud) are all yuppie douchebags by my (admittedly) primitive Iowa eyes. I wasn't exactly rooting for 'em.


Feb.06.2008 @ 5:42 AM
oh yes -

that's pretty right

"Maybe it is a matter of european vs. american kind of humor, who knows... "

maybe as well decent politics and psycho structures

get a G U N and shoot shoot shoot, yupiieyapyap
all fucking reps




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