January 14, 2008

The Big Bo, now in a convenient bite size...

by Chris Randall

Amid the din of ridiculous product offerings we'll see this week, there's one sexy, albeit somewhat over-the-top, offering from the king of all umlauts, B?sendorfer. Gearjunkies drops this press release announcing the CEUSmaster, a baby stage Imperial using a non-looped sample set from the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Sure, you can get the same deal with a lappy and a Roland controller, but really, why would you want to? Since there literally ain't no better piano, it would stand to reason that their digital offering would be of the same standard. I know one thing is for certain: just like the real deal, I won't be able to afford this.




Jan.14.2008 @ 2:36 PM
Was there no way they could make it uglier? I mean, they've certainly tried pretty hard, but...

Jan.14.2008 @ 2:58 PM
Chris Randall
I think it looks pretty slick, myself. Coldly functional, like the Death Star, and plenty of room on top for an ashtray.



Jan.14.2008 @ 2:58 PM
They showed that last year. What makes it amazing is that the keyboard action is right out of a Imperial Grand with optical sensors, making it the ultimate MIDI controller.

Jan.14.2008 @ 9:05 PM
i agree w/the "coldly functional" remark . it does look like it's made to put glasses full of scotch and ashtrays on top.

Jan.14.2008 @ 9:54 PM
Chris Randall
Once my remake of "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)" goes platinum, I'll be able to afford one. Fo' sho'.



Jan.15.2008 @ 8:49 AM
For home (practicing) and studio use i would prefer an upright yamaha or kawai over samples.
If i was a touring musician i might be looking into this.

The keyboard action sounds cool tho.




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