October 4, 2005

URS compressors!

by Chris Randall

The URS equalizers are pretty much the bomb, as far as software equalization goes. I'm a big fan, and you'll find an A-series on just about every track on every project in my system. URS just dropped a bombshell, though. At AES, they'll be announcing a pair of compressors. I normally loath to print press nuggets here, but I'm pretty excited about this, and it is hard to type when I'm excited. So some cutting and pasting is in order:

The URS Classic Console Compressor Bundle digitally re-creates the sound of two popular British console compressors. The URS 1970 is smooth and warm, and the URS 1980 is snappy and more aggressive. Both feature high-resolution 48-bit double-precision processing and 192k sampling. Separate compressor and brickwall limiter, internal sidechain with high- and lowpass filtering. Prices: $899 TDM and $449 Native RTAS AudioUnits and VST.

There's nothing on their site about this yet, and that little tiny thing is the only picture I can find. My Powers Of Deductive Reasoning tell me that the 1970 is a Neve 2-buss console comp, and the 1980 is almost certainly an SSL 2-buss. This is most awesome. I'm just all a-titter with excitement.




Oct.04.2005 @ 11:03 PM
brandon daniel
mmm, drool.

Oct.05.2005 @ 4:15 PM
Woof. All I need now is four hundred fifty bucks and about ninety minutes of free time to complete the simple iLok authorization process!



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