October 4, 2005

Central Station...

by Chris Randall

Got myself one o' them there Central Stations today, with the nifty little remote control thingamajig. This bad boy is definitely the new hub of my Analog Lifestyle. What it is, for those not in the know, is basically the master section of a console. You got your input selectors, your speaker selectors, your big-ass volume knob. The little remote thingie duplicates the major features.

It's a bog-simple piece of kit, really. Plugged it in, it worked. It is a passive device; there is nothing in the audio path to speak of, and all switching is done with mechanical relays (so you get a satisfying "thunk" whenever you change the inputs.) Very handy thing to have for a computer-based studio that doesn't have a console. I'll post a more thorough review after I've lived with it for a while, but my initial impressions are nice clean workmanlike interface, and it does what it is supposed to without any drama. Can't really ask for more than that from a piece of gear, can you?




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