December 19, 2007

The Office? I'm Out Of It!

by Chris Randall

I hesitate to use the term "vacation," because it implies that relaxation will be involved. I don't think that will be the case. We're leaving for Phoenix tomorrow for the Holidays, then to Los Angeles to visit my sister, finally home after fighting Insurgents in the Green Zone of NATO HQ in Brussels for the last couple years. It's the Army Life for me, sure.

Once we arrive in Phoenix (two days hence) I will almost certainly be posting as normal, but I can't guarantee that. Also, if you write the AD Info email, I may take a little longer to get back than usual. So, in the event that you're literally hanging on every word that issues forth from this locale, you might be in for a bit of a wait. Off to pack now.




Dec.19.2007 @ 7:09 PM
May your X-mas be full of techno!

Dec.20.2007 @ 2:57 AM

Have a safe journey and great holiday!!



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