October 4, 2005

Mystery solved...

by Chris Randall

Okay, we've found out about the Radio Shack Ring Of Death. The creator is one Toby Paddock, who, aside from being obviously deranged, took the time to pen this missive:

Each reverb have an added delayed-only signal output that feeds into
the next in the circle. I haven't spent much time with it yet so I don't
really know what it wants to do. Cheesy old sci-fi movie noises and
obnoxious feedback are easy to get from it.

The lucite box is a neon oscillator 4x4x4 grid "art thing". Not really
synth-diy related, but it does have oscillators modulated by other
oscillators. Sort of. I would like to try to get some signals out of it. It
is powered from +/-160V (20uA) with a floating ground and I'm guessing the
ground floats around a bit as the lamps fire.

So, there you have it.




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