December 18, 2007

I, for one, welcome our new hockey puck shaped music overlords...

by Chris Randall

Weirdly coincidental, today we find out about the Chimera bC16, which is a lil' analog synth, and the TechnoMage Life 2. Although, for what it's worth, the L2 is more of a half-a-sphere than a puck, but anything for a good blog title, right?

The bC16, which you all undoubtedly know all about by now, is a tiny patchable analog synth. I'll probably buy one, because I'm silly like that. Life 2 is more Life 1, with, like, labels and stuff. Life 2 and bC16 are essentially the same thing, near as I can make out. I'll probably buy both, because I'm not only silly, but also exceedingly unwilling to learn from past mistakes. That much is apparent.

Obviously, I kited all the links from MatrixSynth, because he has way more patience for hunting this shit down than I do. He'll put up pictures, too. I'm more of the "thousand words" type.




Dec.18.2007 @ 1:40 AM
No time for words! ;)

Dec.18.2007 @ 1:41 AM
[money burns hole in pocket]

nice. i like the idea. curious as to how they sound. the PH303 of course has to happen. i want to know/hear all about it.


Dec.18.2007 @ 2:34 AM
At least Life 2 looks like it would be... yes, you guessed it... Full of Techno.

Dec.18.2007 @ 7:59 AM
Chimera bC16 @ $229 = *drool*

I hit MusicThing before coming here this morning, so the drooling had already begun before reaching CR's portion of the interwebs

question is: is there a better deal (amongst new gear) than the Chimera for cheap analog goodness?


Dec.18.2007 @ 3:20 PM
Adam Schabtach
Question: do people think that there actually is such a thing as "cheap analog goodness"? I'm not meaning to be snarky here; I'm genuinely curious. I personally think that something being analog doesn't inherently make it desirable; i.e. I'll take a good digital synth over a cheap analog one any day, were Santa going to bring me one or the other. But obviously I speak from the biased perspective of someone who makes their living by selling (software) digital devices, and someone who is insane enough to have a rather hefty investment in non-cheap analog hardware.



Dec.18.2007 @ 5:20 PM
i think as an addition to the sound palette that some form of analog synthesis is appropriate so if the hockey puck stuff sounds half way towards "analog goodness" that it's worth while.

also, i think there is such a thing as cheap analog goodness but you tend to get things that are one trick ponies (or maybe two tricks). for example. i have a technosaurus microcon II which i paid $350 for about 7 years ago and it's built like a tank and sounds great but is limited compared to something like a moog voyager or SCI pro one etc... but it is analog goodness all the same... and when you add a sampler to the equation obviously all kinds of other avenues for using the cheap analog goodness become available just by having access to those quality analog waveforms.


Dec.19.2007 @ 9:09 AM
Adam - re: Cheap Analog Goodness

I'm actually down with you on the analog/digital thing; frankly, my interest in things analog peaked several years ago, about the time everyone was touting/flogging-to-death "analog" sounds (and, no doubt, using the word 'phat' a lot). Digital is simply a lot more interesting, in that you can effectively "do" analog AND have the flexibility and far greater sonic range digital allows.

Personally, this was hammered home for me when I played the Moog LP: beautiful, meaty analog synth, but it was so freaking boring and one-dimensional. Like, the most luxurious vanilla ice-milk ever. Or: that pony has already been tricked out...

Anyway, I was thinking more in terms of cheap combined with instant gratification, and a box (or puck as the case may be) laden with knobs (not to mention patch points) that spits out analog sound certainly fits that bill. You also have to bear in mind that my musically-related budget is next to nothing (yay, marriage), so I've gotta take what I can get.

BTW, by "good digital synth" do you mean a JD-800? ;-p


Dec.20.2007 @ 3:53 PM
Adam Schabtach
JG: yep, that Chimera puck does look like a pretty winning combination of cheap and instant gratification. It would probably be an ideal thing for those times that you need an analog bleep noise and need it in a hurry.

It's also a valid argument that if it gets you halfway to analog goodness for less than half the money of, say, a Little Phatty, then yeah, it probably deserves a place on the gear-lust list.

I wasn't actually thinking of anything specific when I said "good digital synth". I have several digital synths which I consider "good" but CR looks down his nose at. I do, in fact, have a JD-800. So shoot me. OTOH nobody has ever listened to the CD I released on which it was one of only two synths and said "man, that JD-800 sounds like crap." :-)

(In truth, I probably will sell the JD-800 early next year sometime. It's not getting a lot of use these days and it takes up a lot of room.)



Dec.21.2007 @ 12:36 AM
Chris Randall
And wouldn't that just make the baby Jesus weep? Adam regularly complains about his lack of physical space in his office, and I just as regularly point out the JD800-shaped hole that could easily be created...





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