November 29, 2007

Just a flesh wound...

by Chris Randall

My MachineDrum has developed a brain tumor. Bummer. The Elektron people are, as usual, quick to respond and very helpful. It's a bit of a drag that they are in Sweden and all (not for them, for me) but there you go. So my lil' MD will be on a big ol' jet airliner this evening, headed back to the motherland for some TLC.

We hates DSP errors, Precious...




Nov.29.2007 @ 3:09 PM
Maybe it'll be DOA and the spirit of the holidays will make them send you back a MK2!

Nov.29.2007 @ 4:17 PM
brandon daniel
Well, that's your problem right there, a sticky address! A little DSP lube ought to get your bits flipping again.

Nov.29.2007 @ 11:21 PM
I smell a v2 in your near future.

Nov.30.2007 @ 12:17 AM
Chris Randall
Then you might wanna go get your nose checked. If you bought a $1200 drum machine and it baked itself within 8 months with very little use, would you buy _another_ $1200 drum machine from the same folks?



Nov.30.2007 @ 7:25 AM
Oh, by no means did I mean purchase it, maybe they will update it with an MK2.

Nov.30.2007 @ 8:54 AM
Mine was 6 mths old when it just died. I was able to send it to Georgia for repairs - so I was out of commision only briefly. They were quick to respond and were very helpful. I never had a device fail so quickly, though.

Nov.30.2007 @ 10:19 AM
Is this a common issue with the MD?

Nov.30.2007 @ 12:48 PM
Chris Randall
First I heard of it was when it happened to me. I wasn't able to find any threads of conversation that dealt specifically with this, or with a mass failing in general, despite a couple hours of searching for that very thing.

Believe me, if I _was_ able to find something of that ilk, the post above would be very different. But you know that. It seems to just be One Of Those Things, and thus not their fault at all. It happens.



Nov.30.2007 @ 1:13 PM
At least Elektron's support is top notch with a quick turnaround.

Mine seems to work ok except it spontaneously rebooted itself a couple times and reset itself to the factory defaults. That's a right pisser when you've just filled it up with patterns.


Nov.30.2007 @ 1:19 PM
Chris Randall
My SIDstation used to do that all the time. That's a right pisser when you're on stage in the middle of a show.





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