October 3, 2005

Master Control Center 102

by Chris Randall

Some progress on the Master Control Center today. One point to remember during all of this is that I live in the Pacific Northwest. What that means, for readers from outside the United States, is that it rains pretty much constantly. North America's only rain forest is here, and with good reason. (English people would feel right at home here.)

So, between squalls I had to haul all my plywood and tools outside, whereupon I could measure and cut until another cloudburst, when I had to haul everything in again. So it took about four times longer than it should have, but it's a good start. I changed the plans up somewhat from my original design, as you can see. I made little wings for my speakers, so that they would be up higher. The actual desk portion will now be the same width as the unit itself.

I should finish the major construction tomorrow, then it will be on to finish work, and presto, we'll have a console/desk/whatever, just like that.


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Oct.03.2005 @ 11:38 PM
Wow, I'm impressed. I hope to have mine done before the end of the year, and it doesn't even look good for that.

One trick I've learned for building racks. Buy the rails and some sacrificial blank rack panels. Assemble them into a square, build a frame around that, then build the rack around that. I'm sure it's possible to get a working rack building from the outside in, but in my experience I always end up with... problems.




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