November 24, 2007

The Doctor was a big hit...

by Chris Randall

The latest issue of Computer Music just showed up, and it has a review of Dr. Device that is almost embarrassing in its praise. In fact, we would be embarrassed but for the fact that we're generally brimming with self-confidence. So it's really not that much of an issue.

That said, this is our first 10/10 review, and we received all three of the possible CM award thingies for a given product, so that was kind of exciting. Thanks to CM for that, and, like, yeah.




Nov.24.2007 @ 1:44 AM
Congrats! I don't use any of your products, as the closest I get to making music is playing Guitar Hero. The praise for your plugin thingies seems to be pretty universal though. :)

Nov.24.2007 @ 2:25 AM
That's right... let a little helium out of their baloons. Just a little.... AH! that's about right, just hovering there in midair. Not going up, not going down...

I really should try that Dr. Device someday.

Quick, somebody get in here with some more helium!

It's just so hard to be genuinely nice around here... congratulations on the well-deserved acknowledgement. I can see how once in a while Chuck Norris likes someone to tell him he's a badass, instead of just knowing it all the time in his gut.


Nov.24.2007 @ 2:41 AM
Chris Randall
Don't get me started with the Chuck Norris. It'll go on for days.



Nov.24.2007 @ 4:32 AM
"So it's really not that much of an issue"
You mean the November issue ? ;P

Nah, but seriously, i'm curious to know if you feel an increase of sales after a review in Computer Music ?


Nov.24.2007 @ 8:59 AM
Honestly, I would have been surprised if it *hadn't* received 10/10.

A lot of people slag off CM, but I find it a pretty consistently entertaining read and is certainly better than most other consumer oriented music-tech magazine. If there's one thing that Brits know, it's how to make glossy magazines.

Well done.


Nov.24.2007 @ 10:46 AM
Adam Schabtach
Actually it's in the December issue, and it's our second 10/10 review. The previous one was for Replicant, although it received only two of their three "award thingies". <british_accent>"You know, thingy..."</british_accent>

CM is more or less my favorite music magazine these days, and not just because they like our stuff. I find it both entertaining and informative, and I appreciate their roll-up-your-sleeves-and-dive-in philosophy. It and Sound on Sound get 95% of my magazine attention span.



Nov.24.2007 @ 11:15 AM
Chris Randall
Ah, right. Replicant. I forgot.

To answer Purple's question, yes, there is a marked increase in the sales of a product that receives a good review in CM. CM and TapeOp give the best results, in our experience, with FM a close third. The others, it's hard to tell. The American glossies don't seem to have any effect at all. But CM hit newstands yesterday, and today our sales are roughly 80% Dr. D. Can't complain.



Nov.24.2007 @ 2:58 PM
Adam just won the award for best monty python reference of the week. Well played, sir.
"Poo-poos?" (Best Graham Chapman facial expression ever.)
I suggest they put a tax on old people standing in water...

Nov.24.2007 @ 11:45 PM
Killer plug-in, well deserved.



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