November 16, 2007

New Shit! (Open Thread)

by Chris Randall

The UPS man is gonna be loaded down today. I have all kinds of New Shit showing up today. A MonoMachine and a metric fuckton of cables and what-not from AH, a video camera and a new rack from Amazon, and probably 10 other things I've forgotten. I will, of course, be spending the majority of the day playing with this new shit. So don't expect much out of me.

In that light, this is an open thread. What do you have that's the new hotness? What do you hope Santa will bring you?



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Nov.16.2007 @ 4:09 AM
All I want from Santa are the details from your credit card, You been a spendin, Chris!



Nov.16.2007 @ 4:47 AM
Please Santa, all I want for Christmas is a nice new Moog. Or a SE1X.

Nov.16.2007 @ 5:51 AM
The new clavia wave is coming soon... hopefully. It is globally shipping but i haven't seen it delivered.
+ machinedrum mkII

Nov.16.2007 @ 6:37 AM
decent bass amp and maybe that little yellow toy from korg

Nov.16.2007 @ 7:06 AM
New hotness:

1. Macbeth X-Factor - won't be out for a while but it's now announced on the website. If it sounds anything like the M5N it will rock hard, and it's portable.

2. Future Retro XS - jury will be out on the sound, but feature-wise it's well spec'd.

3. ? New Sonnox Plugin - will be out before xmas, a mixing tool apparently.


Nov.16.2007 @ 7:40 AM
I hear Audio Damage have a new plugin coming out...

Which rack are you getting, CR? I was unaware that Amazon sold racks.

Me, I'm looking for a good starter pre-amp. Maybe a Brick.


Nov.16.2007 @ 8:35 AM
I ordered the Elby Synthacon filter. It arrived. Defective. Sent it back. Replacement eventually arrived. Defective. Sent it back. Now I have a store credit and an unsightly hole in my modular.

I've been playing with new monome 256. Really fun. Shipping out my 40h to some bloke today. *sniff*

Next week I'm expecting a Canon EF 100-400mm lens. Instant rebate period.


Nov.16.2007 @ 10:26 AM
I'm getting a new tax bracket for my birthday (the bigass raise that I've been waiting for since 2002) and find myself suddenly (slightly) less of a cheapskate by necessity. I have a lot of debt to pay off, but it's suddenly become a couple years' worth instead of decades.

My first act (other than taking my wife out for Vietnamese) was to pick up Ohmicide. Jesus Harry Bilbo Einstein Nancy Houdini Bela Lugosi Sinatra Czernobog Christ, is that thing ever awesome.

I also smell Reverence and Ratshack in my future, I think. (Before you ask, it smells a bit like burning plastic...)


Nov.16.2007 @ 10:55 AM
I'm looking at starting a rebuild of my studio. I'm in that hellspace of testing equipment and listening to anything I can get my hands on.

For shits/grins/ideas, riddle me this:

If you had 5-6 grand to spend on a studio, what would you get. I don't care if the kit is analog or digital, new or old (just as long as you could actually find one in the real world). What EQ plugin is a must. What software would you mix in. What combo amp is a necessity. etc. etc. etc. Assume a mac or pc is free and zero cost for cables.



Nov.16.2007 @ 11:29 AM
St Nick blanked me last year, so the SOB better show up with "Recording the Beatles" this year.

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