October 2, 2005

Building an SSL Compressor Clone...

by Chris Randall

I've mentioned the Gyraf SSL clone several times on this blog as a good starting point for someone interested in trying their hand at doing some high-end DIY. I just came across this page where this guy has documented building the Gyraf clone from aquiring the PCBs all the way up to the finished product. It may not be the prettiest clone around, but it's an interesting documentation of the process by someone that is new to DIY. A handy resource if you're on the fence about building one of these. (Like me, for instance.)



Oct.02.2005 @ 11:15 PM
so why is this shit so expensive to buy? sure looks a lot simpler than building a VCO. I know parts for some can be costly but I think it's more the "pro-audio" name on it, like audiophile for the consumer market.

Oct.02.2005 @ 11:34 PM
Chris Randall
The expensive part of the SSL compressor is the SSL logo on the front of the box.

As far as the clone goes, the most expensive parts are the VU meter (anywhere from $15 to over a hundred) and the VCA chips, which depend on what kind you get. The orignal ones the "real" SSL two-buss compressors used are not so easy to find. The clone can use a couple different kinds.

I think that labor costs in England are quite a bit more than those in America; hence English gear tends to be more expensive. (I recorded an album at Brittania Row, and I'm reasonably certain the guy that made tea and ran the patchbay cleared more off that album than I did.)

But that said, a lot of people are willing to pay the extra ducats to say "I have an SSL compressor" rather than "I have a compressor I built that is just like an SSL."



Oct.03.2005 @ 12:09 AM
so, i see this "SSL" sells for $2500!
link [primalgear.com/o.htm...]">link [primalgear.com]

doesn't the cheapo ART power conditioners use a simlar VU?
compare the insides of that to a Moog Voyager and it's clear it's overpriced, nice but... uh... i'll bet the same applies for those, albeit great, summing mixers as well.

Thanks for the post, much inspiration to build my own! if not start a business, heh!




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