October 25, 2007

MIDIjack and some AD stuff...

by Chris Randall

Just got the Synhouse MIDIjack for the The Source in the mail. I'll probably put it in tonight, and photo-doc the whole process, so you can see how easy it is (or isn't...)

In other news, we're entering the R&D phase for our next product, which will most assuredly not be of the "small and cheap" form factor of the last three. This one will be one of our full-sized full function products, and take a bit of time. As soon as we've hashed out the details (a month or so?) I'll start teasing. Also, T-shirts will go on sale in the AD store on Monday, since the initial rush for Vapor is more or less over, and we're back to our normal daily sales.

UPDATE: I finished installing the MIDIjack in the The Source. The scaling is a touch off, but that can be adjusted, and otherwise it works flawlessly, taking in to account the oddity of the The Source to begin with, of course. Here's a split-beaver shot of the The Source, before the install:

Here's what the MIDIjack looks like after it has been attached:

As I surmised, I was able to use the existing (and otherwise utterly useless) "Cassette Interface" DIN plug. It was as simple as de-soldering and capping off the existing five wires, and attaching the two from the MIDIjack. Easy. Here's a pic:

All in all, it took me about an hour, but I dilly-dallied. Someone with a little more in the way of electronics chops could do it quicker, I'm sure. It was kind of a drag to have to drill holes in the face of the The Source for the MIDIjack, but as the manual hinted, there really isn't anywhere else it could go, and you need access to the button.

I still have a few Micronaut songs to finish for the upcoming album, and it'll be fun to go through and replace and add with this little guy; I look forward to it.



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Oct.26.2007 @ 9:53 PM
yeah, but then what... make an external breakout box with MIDI and a button on it? just one more thing to lose, and you'd have to run power on the DIN jack as well. i would also be reluctant to drill the front panel, and i considered suggesting those adhesive standoffs, which can work quite well. but if you need to press the button repeatedly, screws are really the only solid mechanical solution.

if you wanted to go totally nuts, i'm sure there would be a way to replace one of the stock pots with a push pot / switch, but imho that's more trouble than it is worth. sometimes aesthetic concerns must take a backseat to practical needs.


Oct.27.2007 @ 1:28 AM
Chris Randall
There's a lead on the MIDIjack that, when connected to ground, acts as the button. So I could have put a button on the back of the unit or something; the problem is that it is _tight_ inside a The Source. There really aren't a whole lot of options on where to put the fucking thing. On other synths, it would probably be easier.

In any event, as I told Adam, I didn't buy it to hang on the wall and stare at. And the value-added to the eBay Crowd of MIDI easily trumps the drilled front panel, if I wanted to sell it. Which I don't.



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