October 21, 2007

Paul Raven, RIP...

by Chris Randall

One of the bestest members of one of my favoritest bands passed away yesterday from a heat attack. Despite the fact that he briefly played with Prong, the shittiest band in the world fronted by the biggest asshole ever to grace this mortal coil, (Tommy Victor is on my "punch the fuck out of on sight" list) I just can't hold it against him because otherwise, he was t3h awesome.

Fair travels, Raven.




Oct.22.2007 @ 9:14 AM
46! - It's always sobering for me, now into my 40s, to hear shit like that.

Today, I shall play some Killing Joke on vinyl.


Oct.22.2007 @ 2:42 PM
I believe you are thinking of Martin Atkins (drummer, Murder Inc). Raven was a bass player.

But wow, what a shock- he was my favorite bassist and i grew up with him from Killing Joke and later, Prong. I was fortunate to have seen him on the last Ministry tour.

He will definitely be missed.


Oct.22.2007 @ 4:21 PM
D' MacKinnon
Damn, he's was too young to go!

Oct.23.2007 @ 2:19 PM
Jeez.... Get out your easel and paints and color me embarassed...

CR Can you delete that post?


Oct.23.2007 @ 2:45 PM
Chris Randall



Oct.23.2007 @ 8:47 PM
Solipsist Nation
Man. He wasn't very old, either.



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