October 20, 2007


by Chris Randall

Picked up a shiny new The Source today from an AI reader in PDX who shall remain nameless, but didn't charge me Moog Tax, I'm pleased to say. Or not really, anyways. This is the third The Source I've owned, and there must be a reason I keep coming back to these. In any event, now the decision is whether to MIDI-fy it, thus increasing its value to myself and other normal people and decreasing its value to collectors (I think "collectors" is Latin for dumbtard, but I'd have to double check that...) or deal with the nominal PITA of trying to MIDI->CV/S-Trig the lil' fucker.

I think I'll probably go the MIDIjack route, as that is one less thing that needs a wall wart. Conveniently, the cassette interface on the back is a 5-pin DIN, so I don't even have to drill a hole in it. I forgot how good these little guys sounded, though.



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Oct.20.2007 @ 9:10 PM
midi-fy it. is it even seriously a question? haha

awesome purchase, by the way.


Oct.20.2007 @ 9:29 PM
Chris Randall
Anyone here installed a MIDIjack in a The Source before? Any trickery to it?



Oct.20.2007 @ 11:35 PM
I think you mentioned this one before, but if not:

link [www.synhouse.co...]">link [www.synhouse.co...]

Looking forward to getting my Moog. Grumble, DOA, grumble.


Oct.21.2007 @ 2:27 AM
I am not a MIDIjack fan but some folks don't like that Tony Karavidas' Encore kit slows down the data entry wheel. If you dedicate a MIDI port on your computer to the MIDIjack and only send one channel worth of data down the wire then you're probably okay with it.

Oct.21.2007 @ 2:35 AM
while you're at it, you can do this (link [www.mysterycircts.co...]">link [www.mysterycircts.co...]) to your source and give all the collector dorks a heart attack.


Oct.21.2007 @ 4:20 AM
Solipsist Nation
John Vanderslice toured with one of those-- when he came through Boston last year, he and his keyboard player were trying to track down parts for their Wurlitzer electric piano and a replacement battery for their The Source. They do sound great, but aren't they getting sort of fragile these days?

Oct.21.2007 @ 5:23 AM
Nice pickup! I've always wanted to come across one. I'm putting my ATC-xi desires on hold for a bit. Found a Waldorf Pulse here locally for a fraction of the price and figure its worth a shot.


Oct.21.2007 @ 11:05 AM
Chris Randall
This The Source is essentially new condition. On top of that, it _came_ with a spare NOS membrane. So I think I don't need to worry about that for quite some time.

I went ahead and ordered the MIDIjack last night. I don't anticipate any issues with installing it. I wlll probably replace the battery while I have it open, though, just for safety's sake.



Oct.21.2007 @ 11:41 AM
Porco Rosso
My bass chores are handled by 1) a cheap ass ratshack mg-1, 2) an old tx81z, 3) a pair of waldorf pulses, 4) a syntecno teebee mkIII/mobius combo, 5) and a roland SH-2.

I recently updated the os in both pulse pluses. They were at 1.42 an now they're both at 2.01 (only 3 more pulses needed for poly fun.) I could swear that the circuit boards inside differed slightly. IRRC one had a ribbon connector that was a neat connection from the daughterboard with the cv and filter connections, the other had leads patched directly to circuit points on the pcb in a kludgerific kinda way.

The real project will be getting the mg-1 back into shape. I took out the foam a long time ago. But I could really use a bunch of fresh sliders.


Oct.22.2007 @ 9:10 AM
It fuckin' kils me that I had one of those MG-1 realistic's back in 85 and sold if for about $50 bucks because I didn't have any clue what it was.

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