October 2, 2005

Audio Damage Update...

by Chris Randall

For those following along, work proceeds on the Mutron Bi-Phase clone, which we've imaginatively named Phase Two. (Our marketing department, me, in other words, decided that it was wise to harken to the original in the naming process.) For those not in the know about such things, a phaser consists of a metric fuckton of allpass filters. You need one filter for each "pole" of the phaser. Since the Bi-Phase is actually a pair of 6-pole phasers, well, you do the math.

But anyways, measurements are made, the allpass is built, and things are being assembled. The UI is made, and as soon as we freeze the features and determing that this damned thing actually works, I'll throw it up here for your perusal. Yes, it is cel-shaded, to save the obvious question. It is also, by far, the nicest UI I've done. I'm rather proud of it. So, Phase Two is in the oven. It will be available some time Real Soon Now (read: two months? No way to predict) for AU and VST. When we get closer, I'll have a price for you, as well as the UI. As always, watch this space for details. And make us feel generally good about ourselves by going and spending $39.00 on the only analog delay plug-in worth a shit.


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Oct.02.2005 @ 11:04 PM
Can't wait to try it out. I'm expecting greatness...





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