October 14, 2007

Here we go again...

by Chris Randall

I've been asked to perform a couple shows as me. That is to say, instead of Micronaut or SMG (obviously, there will be no more SMG shows), to perform my Chris Randall material. When I wrote that particular record (and as I write the follow-up; I can't call it "sophomore," because at the current count, it will be, I think, the 76th record I've worked on, so "sophomore" sounds rather sophomoronic) I wrote it with playing it live in mind, unusual for me. However, circumstances have dictated that performing live at all just hasn't really seemed like something that was fun to do for the last couple years. (The sixty-five date Domination Tour may have something to do with that.)

But for some reason, the person that did the asking, a good friend of ours from way back, managed to talk me in to at least thinking of doing a couple low-key dates. His original idea was just me and a git-fiddle, but I'm not terribly comfortable doing that; I can pull it off fine, but it isn't very fun for me. After listening to that record again, for the first time in many months, I feel fairly confident I can pull it off with a three-piece, where I alternate piano and guitar. So, in order to do this, I need to scare up a bass player and drummer in the PDX or Salem areas that want to give this a shot.

So, this is an open call, I suppose. If you play bass or drums, you're in PDX or Salem (or environs), and you understand what the fuck I'm trying to pull off here (e.g. Tom Waits/Nick Cave/Grinderman/proto-Firewater, etc.) then drop me a line. Don't make me resort to Craigslist. Because things could get ugly then.




Oct.14.2007 @ 2:36 PM
damn it all! too bad you aren't up here in seattle. or, too bad i'm not down there in portland. i'd play drums for you in a second. poop.

Oct.14.2007 @ 5:36 PM
Bleen - Is a 3 hour drive to Portland really too much to do to go play with CR? :)

Seriously though, Mr. Randall, do you really want a live drummer? Haven't drummers been the bane of your existance?


Oct.14.2007 @ 5:45 PM
Chris Randall
Alcohol is the bane of my existence. But, that said, a show of this type without a drummer is just stupid.



Oct.15.2007 @ 4:06 PM
Proto-firewater? Wouldn't that be Cop Shoot Cop?

At any rate, you don't want me anywhere near your drums or bass, but if you play the SF area, count me in. I presume that we'll see a tour schedule up here in the sphere-o-blog?




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