October 9, 2007

Audio Damage update...

by Chris Randall

The Audio Damage store now has a Vapor page with a screenshot, audio demos, and marketing bullet points, all meant to entice you to spend your hard-earned cash on something besides hookers and MD 20/20. The Windows version is done and out for testing; all it needs are presets, really. Should have an OS X VST tomorrow, and an AU shortly after that, if the AU Gods are kind and benevolent this week. As with the other two, this one will be US$29.00, which is like 0.12 Euro or something, and maybe 85 yen.

(Just guessing there, as I don't have a currency converter handy.)

I imagine that you can add Vapor to your collection some time next week, provided all testing goes as we'd expect.




Oct.09.2007 @ 8:07 PM
Those currency conversions sound about right. Hell, a US Dollar is only worth .98 Canadian right now. We have what, 5 years maybe until China is widely recognized at the world's premiere super-power?

Oct.09.2007 @ 8:58 PM
More like 3500 Yen though. Roughly.

Oct.10.2007 @ 1:11 AM
The US will resort, even more so, to the stone age if cheap chinese crap is no longer cheap... Time to go cash in that Canadian dollar I found mixed with my change, and start stockpiling pesos, and maybe guns for the upcoming apocalypse.

Oct.10.2007 @ 3:11 PM
I don't see China truly being a super power as most of their strength is from under paid labor. If they paid a fair wage and didn't steal IP (software, hardware designs, etc) they wouldn't be able to compete.

Oct.10.2007 @ 3:25 PM
Superpowers aren't made or taken down on ifs, though.

Oct.10.2007 @ 3:55 PM
Vapor sounds fuckin lovely. You've done it again!





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