October 5, 2007

A Little More Vapor...

by Chris Randall

Adam tightened up the DSP today, and we're definitely in the ballpark now. Just some tidying up to do, and I'll spend the weekend rendering the UI, and perhaps you'll be able to buy Vapor in the not-too-distant future. Here's another sample so you can see where we're heading. Another little MKS80 loop. This time, one measure of dry, then two measures of Vapor, two measures of More Vapor, two measures of Even More Vapor, and then one final measure of Maybe Too Much Vapor.

For only having five knobs and one button, Vapor is capable of a fairly broad range of modulation sounds. There seems to be a particular range where it is most happy, and if you get outside that, depending on the source material, it can get pretty crazy. The final measure in the above example doesn't even scratch the surface of how weird it can get. For that, you should listen to this. Drum loop, two measures dry, then every two measures switching to new weirdness from Vapor. This thing can do some strange shit, and is somewhat material-dependent. It seems to exponentially add to the high end, so if there's not a lot there to begin with, you get the nice smooth shimmer. If there is, you can get in to silliness pretty quickly. Good fun.




Oct.05.2007 @ 5:42 PM
Wow! Sounds really good. I like crazy!

Oct.05.2007 @ 6:18 PM
Nice pitch shifting LFO reverb-y thing. The two measures of weirdness on the drums sound pretty sweet.

Oct.05.2007 @ 7:44 PM
Both loops were great.

Oct.06.2007 @ 1:14 AM
love it, im in for this one!

Oct.06.2007 @ 6:57 AM
These examples are more like it. Awesome.

Oct.07.2007 @ 3:37 AM
Sounds great. Yet another good value high impact plugin from AD. Nice work :-)



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