September 26, 2007

Freek Box...

by Chris Randall

Just got my shiny new Moog FreqBox from Analogue Haven, and got it stuck in my Analog Effect. (Yes, it has occurred to me that I could have purchased H3000 x 2 for the money I've spent on this monophonic wonder so far, but... yeah...)

Initial impressions: it's freaky. Exactly how useful it would be is open to question, and depends largely on what you're trying to accomplish. The other three I have (LPF, ringmod, phaser) all have obvious uses, but this guy I'll have to ponder for a bit. But if you want to just fuck the shit out of a signal, you could do worse. I'll probably not put up any samples, as the ones on the Moog site do an admirable job of displaying its capabilities.

EDIT: At the risk of being incredibly tedious, like every other owner of boutique gear on the planet, here's a little snip of what the whole shootin' match can do to a kick drum. Delay is after the fact, courtesy of Dr. Device. (Because without delay, well, life isn't worth living.) Clip.




Sep.26.2007 @ 2:59 PM
Darren S.
Still waiting for mine in Vancouver, BC.
But I'm glad to see you got yours.

Just can't believe how long it's taking for them to get into Canada???

NJAMS (guitar shop here) has had mine on order since May!!
Guess I should have gone the AH route also.



Sep.26.2007 @ 6:15 PM
>>Because without delay, well, life isn't worth living. ... living ...


Sep.26.2007 @ 7:09 PM
Sounds awesome.

Sep.26.2007 @ 7:11 PM
Based on that little clip, I'd say it sounds pretty damn useful.

Sep.28.2007 @ 3:40 AM
I like playing my Freq box with my jazz bass, tend to use an octive pedal before the freq, then the MF-101 after. triangle, freq between 0-2, about 9 on the FM and 100% mix, and boom!! I've gotten a bit freeky with the Osc out, controlling cutoff freq on the 101, fucking noisy but I've gotten some quazi brass tones from them. Loving life with my MF's in the rig!



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