September 26, 2007

My god... it's full of... tubes...

by Chris Randall

TL Audio has announced (released? vaporized? dunno) the Fat Track Production Suite. Aside from its absolutely tragic name, and the typical TL habit of trading on the concept of "tubes = phat" (which was nifty in 1995, but is stupid in 2007, since we all theoretically know better now) this appears to be an actually quasi-useful product. There's a studio control section, two input strips, and an 8-input summing section (which, I assume, you could then patch _back_ through the input strips, for extra gooey tooby goodness.)

All silliness aside, I do see a market for this kind of all-in-one product, although this is the only one I know about. It's essentially a 10-channel mixer, but only two of the channels have input strips, when you get right down to it. See, it all depends on how you say it. ?1169, which is like US$30,000 or something.



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Sep.26.2007 @ 2:06 PM
It would be nice if the rotary faders were labelled with something a bit more accurate than 0-10.

Sep.26.2007 @ 2:13 PM
wow, i like

Sep.26.2007 @ 2:14 PM
I don't like Underworld's post-tl-audio-console sound at all. I think it jacked up their shit in a bad way.

Sep.26.2007 @ 2:31 PM
Chris Randall
I strongly disagree, of course.



Sep.26.2007 @ 5:26 PM
Its a shame you can't see the tubes through a little window right on the front. I love it when they start gettin' all glowy 'n shit. That's how you really know your tracks are starting to sound good.

Sep.26.2007 @ 5:28 PM
All joking aside, I may just get one of these.

Sep.26.2007 @ 11:39 PM
"?1169, which is like US$30,000 or something."

The US dollar is pretty much even with the CDN dollar. I've always just doubled the CDN dollar to convert to UK pounds (relatives in Scotland.)

So you can just double that to a hair under $2400 bucks.


Sep.27.2007 @ 3:23 AM
Sarah TLA
"Its a shame you can't see the tubes through a little window right on the front."

Well... actually you can! The vents on the front not only help keep it cool but also show you your tubes in action underneath!

The US retail price will be $2,195 available from Vintage King from November this year.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch - it'd be nice to hear from you...

Also, if anyone is attending AES next week, come and see us and check out the Fat Track on booth number 867.


Sarah Yule
Int. Sales Mngr
TL Audio


Sep.27.2007 @ 11:51 AM
Chris Randall
Gibbon, I was being ironic. You can safely assume that any time you see me use the word "like" in a sentence. And Sarah, Mr. Callander was being ironic.



Sep.27.2007 @ 12:31 PM
I'm fully aware of that. The US dollar is worthless now which makes the conversion easier.

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