September 21, 2007

Mmmmm, like, nice...

by Chris Randall

In the interests of providing some non AD content, so the bitchy, whiny members of my readership don't get their panties in a twist (you know who you are, bitches), here's something to slobber over. Tony Belmont of High Profile Audio leaked an image of the Aurora Audio rack that is going to AES over on the 'slutz. That is some tasty-ass shit, right there. From the top, we have the GTQ2 dual mic pre, the GTQC channel strip (I'd like two, please), the GK2 stereo comp, the GTP8 eight-channel mic pre, and the Aurora mixer chassis and slave.

While my ideal summing situation, in my animal hindbrain, is a Chandler mini-mixer and TG1, the Aurora mixer has some kind of semi-nice features directed at the DAW market that the Chandler lacks. In any event, I'd link to the Aurora Audio page but it hasn't been updated since, like, 1996. (come on, Geoff. I'll pay my wife to do your site if you throw one of those mixers at me. Or even a pair of GTQCs.) So just go the High Profile page or any of the other online stores that sell Aurora for more info.




Sep.22.2007 @ 12:09 AM
come on, it the site looks like ass but at least the newest item in the news section is Sept. 14 2007.

Sep.22.2007 @ 10:57 AM
Adam Schabtach
Do they really still illuminate mechanical VU meters with incandescent light bulbs? How quaint.



Sep.22.2007 @ 2:11 PM
hey adam

i think the next plug in should have a vu thats lit up doesnt matter what it is itd just be funny


Sep.22.2007 @ 7:19 PM
i used GTM-822 exstensively for tracking synths etc i can tell ya it sounds amazing and is totally over built. each pot on the thing costs like $25 or something and is spec'd for a few million rotations. the meters for each channel are awesome... there's an LED array so the resolution of the meters is pretty insane and they fade up and down through the little plastic windows. very useful and surprisingly accurate.

the monitoring is great. phase meter etc all very useful balanced inserts on every channel and 2 sends (wish it had 4). also, the headroom is ridiculous and everything i put through it sounded instantly huge and depending on how much you drive the input it can sound clean or pleasantly pushed. direct outs and the alt i/o on db25's are nice too (elco would be better). it's 100% discrete w/a stout power supply.

and it fits in a 3U rack. i know that sounds a bit like a sales pitch but it's true. the thing is awesome. i recorded the same synth parts through a mackie (really) and the the GTM and monitored through each and the mackie was so pinched sounding (as you'd expect) it was unreal... the GTM was full/deep/wide/detailed w/amazing low end. it's quite well designed.

i ran some stereo mixes of finished tracks through it and viola.. instant improvement. it's one of those boxes that just has mojo.. as i'm sure the chandler does (if the chandler had direct outs per channel i'd own one).

the GTM822 i used was #004. i think they may make a handful more of them.. maybe 10 more or something. if you email geoff he'll give you the scoop. last i spoke to him he had all the parts on the bench and was assembling them. that was several months ago.

+1 on the website. it could use a refresh but i think they'd rather be building/designing hardware.




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