September 4, 2007

Okay, who _really_ let the dogs out?

by Chris Randall

I'm officially on vacation, or what passes for such in my relatively sedentary life, until next Tuesday. We're going to San Francisco for the hell of it, then Los Angeles to meet with some people, see some friends, and see my most favoritest band of all, Underworld. I might post here and there, but don't expect any moving literature from me until this time next week.



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Sep.12.2007 @ 1:28 AM
There was a time when Oakenfold produced some pretty cool stuff...

particularly for artists like the Happy Mondays and Massive Attack, but over the years he has created a 'niche' for himself in that overproduced euro-trance style. The rot really started to set in when he started pursuing the American market...whatever credibility he had is now completely shot with that cheese he pumps out relentlessly.

And yes, the new Underworld album is pretty cool. It's both completely different from and slightly a return to dubnobass, but features some of their music from Sunshine..which partly explains why there has been no OST for that film. There are very few four to the floor tracks, so it will be interesting to see how it's received.


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