August 30, 2007

Time Waster Maximus...

by Chris Randall

Personally, my work day consists of waking up, applying the necessary doses of nicotine and caffeine to get my motor running, then walking the 15-odd feet from my couch to my office. The point being that I'm not necessarily looking for a time-waster at the office. But if I did, say, work as an insurance adjuster or some nonsense like that, and had to sit in a cubicle farm all day, I'd be extremely pleased to come across this.

In a nutshell, it's a 909 done entirely in Flash. And, surprisingly, it's not bad. Source code is provided, and if you go to the front page, you'll see there are a bunch of other fun little musical toys, including a 303 and a couple other synths (although none are as good as this one), plus some fun visual stuff.




Aug.30.2007 @ 1:27 PM
Fun! Particularly dig the stains.

Aug.30.2007 @ 2:13 PM
Thanks! I needed something like this today!!

Aug.30.2007 @ 2:46 PM
mike kiraly
how great! definitely not the worst 909 emulation I've heard and very distracting!

Aug.31.2007 @ 4:17 AM
Lots of fun, thanks for the link

Sep.01.2007 @ 5:53 PM
Bjorn Vayner
909/808/606 emulator released today:

Sep.02.2007 @ 2:31 AM

i keep getting the feeling your omnipotent...
always there, everywhere, right on the money.

thanks for the post




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