August 29, 2007

Still hoping, dreaming, praying...

by Chris Randall

I'm still looking for someone to take this Evolver off my hands. I'd like another mono synth, please. I'll gladly add cash to the deal. Or buy your mono synth if someone wants to buy this off me. No reasonable offer refused. Unless that reasonable offer involves a ridiculous lowball or someone saying "hey, I've got a CS1X that I'll trade you!"

(And in no way do I mean to offend Mr. Smith with my comments. I just don't like it. It's a fine little synth.)

I'm also still looking for a Hohner Pianet T or N. In a perfect world, someone would write and say "hey, I'd like to trade my Hohner Pianet T for your Evolver, and I live in Portland" but I know as well as anyone that this world is far from perfect.

EDIT: This lil' bitch is SOLD. Thanks to the buyer...



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Aug.30.2007 @ 3:23 AM
Babaluma: Pm'd

Rex: My attitude towards the Ion is probably something like CRs towards the evolver. It is by no means a bad synth, I just personally don't like it. For a lot of people it would probably be a great deal, but taste in instruments is a very personal thing. The best thing about it, in my book, is that the encoders are very hi-res, so you don't hear stepping when you turn them. It is just about the most analog sounding VA I have heard, but I could never get any sounds with any balls out of it, except by running the oscs out through my sherman. For pads, it would probably be great, but I usually don't like syth pads much. I got some acceptable leads out of it, but nothing great. I kept thinking that the reason I couldn't get a bass sound with balls out of it was that I hadn't figured out how to program it right. Then one day I was listening to a recording of a set I played with some friends years ago. I really liked the synth bass tone i was hearing. I was playing fiddle, not synth but I had programmed that bass patch on my friends novation k-station. It was probably about the second or third attemt in my life at programming a synth. i could hear some digital artifacts from the K-station, which you would not hear on an ion, but I actually liked the bass sound. I don't even like the k-station. That was when I decided to sell the ion, but, as I said, there's no accounting for taste. I also have a microcon, which has a perfectly good, if perhaps not truly great, bass sound by default, pretty much no matter how you have the knobs set, it sounds good.


Sep.02.2007 @ 9:41 PM

I know of a CS-15 for $750 CDN although it's in Canada and you might have something against crossbordering it. That's probably not cheap either, I don't really know what the going rate is for those. It's easy to mod the CS-15's twin parallel 12db filters to a serial 24db and the lfo goes to like 100 khz. versus the cs-10's single 12db? I haven't seen one in a while so I don't remember. the cs-15 is probably not as snappy envelope wise.

There's also a cs-40m there for a just under a grand.. frickin dr. who ring mod noises that scared the crap outta me as a kid.. but wimpy filter. Looks wise I love it.. it's like the big 'ol cadillac of the monosynth world. awesome.


Sep.07.2007 @ 11:55 AM
Anyone know how much a CS-10 should cost? My friend on the joemadsamples forum is looking to buy one...

link []">link []


Sep.30.2007 @ 2:11 PM
Do you still want a Pianet N? I'm in Seattle.

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