August 27, 2007

Audio Damage Liquid now available...

by Chris Randall

And away we go. Liquid is now available for purchase in the AD store.


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Aug.28.2007 @ 9:41 AM
I didn't think this ever would have happened, but I've become an AD junkie. And junkie in the true sense. I barely consider if the effects are useful for me or not, before I click the Buy button. No matter. They always find their use. But still junkie. Although I just got Liquid, I am already on the lookout for new stuff! Maybe I should go to some Very Expensive Swiss Clinique and be cured - haha... :)

Anyway. I've got a deeper meaning about my post as well.
I was quite intrigued by the comments about how some users use Replicant, and wasted no time checking out SR's idea about chaining Dr. D and Replicant. Good good advice.

Maybe this is an idea for another thread, but I would be more than interested in hearing how other users are using the AD plugs. In a creative manner, that is. As with Replicant, I like it but I am definately in the Only-Using-The-Presets-Category.



Aug.28.2007 @ 10:16 AM
bravo boys. love the new plug.

i love the over-the-top AD plugs, but i think i prefer ones like this. ass-simple, fun to use and what they do, they do wonderfully.

keep it up!


Aug.28.2007 @ 10:50 AM
just bought liquid and replicant. i'm doomed. junkiedom, here i come...

Aug.28.2007 @ 11:15 AM
Adam Schabtach
Aw, shucks, you guys. Thanks for all of the kind words. In all sincerity, it's great to hear that you're pleased enough with our products to take the time to say so.



Aug.28.2007 @ 12:46 PM
Just picked this up! Wicked. Especially on vocals. Especially since I cannot sing. Nice work! Your demos make me want to buy a MachineDrum! :)

Aug.28.2007 @ 12:59 PM
As a software engineer, my hat comes off to the AD team for a really-freaking-fast release. If/when I return to the world of software shenanigans, I'll be sure to check it out.

Sep.04.2007 @ 6:32 AM
Artemiy Pavlov
Adam and Chris, question to you guys:

I love your awesome works, but with plug-ins like Phase Two and Liquid, why don't you make them a little more special with LFO tempo synchronization, as well as more LFO forms? Liquid, for instance, would simply shine, otherwise it's a great-sounding, but still a conventional flanger. There is still a way to do what I am talking about with automation, but you have heard step-sequencer controlled phaser or flanger, haven't you? ;-)


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