August 25, 2007

Audio Damage Update and some other stuff...

by Chris Randall

I've just finished making the Liquid product page in the AD store, so if you're not bored of hearing clips of this plugin yet, there's some more for you. I'm not terribly good at making demo clips to begin with, and this morning I seemed to have entirely lost the ability to play guitar or keyboards, or program a drum machine. Hence, the ones there might not be a shining example of the demo clip art. If anyone has any suggestions in that regard, I'm more than willing to hear them.

In other news, Shepard Fairey was on the Henry Rollins Show last night (in my opinion, the single best television show produced in the United States) and his interview got me thinking about subversive iconography and such. I was actually somewhat inspired by the whole thing, to the point where I'm entertaining actually making Analog Industries stuff. Say, for instance, I made a nice vinyl AI sticker with the Space Invader saying something subversive. If you could Paypal me a buck and get a couple of them, would that be something you found interesting?



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Aug.25.2007 @ 2:31 PM
I've seen Rollins speak a couple times, and look forward to seeing him again in a couple months. He is definitely one of the best speakers/story tellers around these days.

Aug.25.2007 @ 3:16 PM
you know there's always been something about the pipes on the audio damage robots' chest, i always see it as if he's flipping off the viewer. then i see again that it's his fist next to the pipes. but i still think its intentional.

tshirt. the space invader would be a shoe-in for the tshirt. my friends at have some great connections for short runs. if you're interested.


Aug.25.2007 @ 4:03 PM
Chris Randall
(a) I didn't say anything about a t-shirt, but...

(b) I have fine connections, thanks.



Aug.25.2007 @ 4:04 PM
I actually like those demo clips a lot. Even though they're really simplistic, they do a good job of demonstrating different uses of the plug. I'm sold, and will probably use this all over the place.

Aug.25.2007 @ 4:05 PM
Yeah, most definitely. I loved the old case sticker you guys did about ten years ago.

Aug.25.2007 @ 5:43 PM
I'd buy one (or a few)



Aug.25.2007 @ 6:32 PM
I would definitely buy a few stickers, but a new t-shirt would also be a nice.

Aug.25.2007 @ 11:37 PM
I'd buy a few.

Aug.26.2007 @ 4:11 AM
Not so much into stickers any more, but I'd buy a t-shirt with the Dub Station graphic on it. Also no need to complain about the demos for Liquid. Good enough to make me warm up the Visa card.

Aug.26.2007 @ 7:50 AM
If the AD robot were to somehow become a small, "homie" sized rubber figurine, I'd find a home on my desk for him (right next to my lego astronaut, I imagine).

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