August 23, 2007

Another drop of Liquid...

by Chris Randall

Here's another little clip of Liquid doing its thing on a chunk of drums. 4 measures of dry (well, no Liquid, anyways) and then 4 of meaty flanged goodness.
You can hear the "OFFSET" parameter used to good effect in that little clip; that's what's causing the wide stereo imaging of the flange effect. (More obvious in headphones, of course.)

As far as dev goes, we're done with the VST versions, and Adam says he's about 2/3 done with the AU. What I take that to mean is "I have all the files and code in place, but I haven't yet begun to fight with this ridiculous SDK and any of the stupid changes that Apple has put in to it while we weren't looking." I could be wrong there; it's only been like a week and a half since the last build of Dr. Device, so how much could the AU SDK possibly have changed?



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Aug.23.2007 @ 11:18 AM
Sounds fantastic, guys. I want it now!

Hey, an idea: ever thought about setting up a pre-order option on the AD site? That way you get money from people and we'd get an email with a serial number and download link as soon as the product was up. This is just the sort of thing I'm chomping for and I'd happily send you $29 right now so I could stop looking at your blog three times a day for news. (Not that there's anything wrong with looking at your blog three times a day....)

Thanks. Can't wait to see what's next.



Aug.23.2007 @ 11:44 AM
Chris Randall
The thought has crossed my mind, truthfully, but we're not comfortable taking money when there are so many variables. Since our products are so simple, by and large, we have a fairly short beta period (compared to our peers) and a quick cycle overall. But the down side of that is we're making fundamental changes to the product up until the time it actually goes in to beta, and we don't want to run the risk of taking funds for something that might not turn out to be what you paid for when all is said and done.

One new feature you may have missed from the new AD site is the RSS feed; we added this due to an excellent suggestion in the comments of this very blog. You can subscribe to the feed and automagically be informed the minute a new product goes on sale, or an existing product is updated. The feed is here:

link []">link []

The only time we'll make entries to that feed are when products are released or updated, so it's a good weathervane for that sort of thing. This blog, among many other ridiculous things, isn't such a good source of information in that light, as I do tend to ramble a bit.



Aug.23.2007 @ 12:33 PM
Not surprisingly, my google analytics has shown a spike in keyword referrals for through-zero flanger or some variation of that. Ah, piggybacking on your traffic.

You guys should just make up your own processing algorithm: Cross-attenuation Delay Looping or Polymorphing Switch Filtering or some such bs. See how long it takes before everyone is talking about it. Or not. Actually a pretty stupid idea, but it's fun thinking up fake DSP algorithms.


Aug.23.2007 @ 3:03 PM
tom vx
sounds great! can't wait!

Aug.23.2007 @ 4:32 PM
Sounds great and I'll def be buying, but I'm curious to know how different the effect sounds when the invert buton is selected?

Aug.23.2007 @ 5:26 PM
Chris Randall
Here's a short clip of the same drum part. In the first two measures, invert is off, and in the second two measures it is on.

link []">link []

You'll note that the sound gets a bit more hollow and grainy with invert on. It's just another available tone; nothing earth-shattering. Obviously, since it is inverting the feedback, it only really has much effect at high feedback settings.

In other news, the AU is done and we're just baking in presets; beta will probably start in earnest tonight or tomorrow.



Aug.24.2007 @ 2:16 AM
sounds great, thanks for posting the clip so quickly!

Aug.24.2007 @ 10:31 AM
Here's a question that's probably more for Adam:
Since you've managed to get through-zero flanging to work, could the methodology be adapted to through-zero FM? That seems to be the only aspect of FM synthesis that no one want to take a stab at in the virtual realm. Just to clarify, this isn't a "you guys should totally make a synth" comment, I'm just curious about the DSP. I've heard other devs say that through-zero FM would be insanely difficult to do in a plug-in, so it would be very cool if Adam just proved them all wrong.

Aug.24.2007 @ 12:46 PM
Adam Schabtach
It's two different things; the techniques of one do not apply to the other. Although I'm not entirely sure what people mean by "through-zero FM", if we're going from the description on the Cyndustries site, off the top of my head I don't see why that would be "insanely difficult". But maybe people mean something else.



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