August 23, 2007

Something fishy at Sonalksis...

by Chris Randall

I was just going through Dave Gamble's blog looking for something pointedly witty that I remembered him typing about people that crack plugins, and I came across this bit:

"So, now you know. No fat-cats smoking cigars. No Ferraris. Not even a second-hand Lamborghini. What you're paying for is for us to keep making new plugins, and to keep the old ones working."

While I appreciate (and fundamentally understand) his viewpoint, I have to take issue with the blatant hypocrisy. I can't speak to the Ferrari or the Lambo, or even the overweight felines, but I know for a FACT that Dave smokes cigars.

Here we have photographic evidence that Sonalksis is selling far more plugins than we are. That thing is way bigger than a Camel straight.

I'd call for a boycott of all Sonalksis products, but quite frankly, I've decided that I can't live without TBK3, and since they know how to make compressors and we don't, we need to keep them in business for the time being. (Note to self: try to talk Adam in to learning what the hell a compressor does and why it works so we can put an end to this reign of terror.)



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Aug.23.2007 @ 1:06 AM
Wow, Dave looks pretty much exactly like a friend of mine. Lucky I know he doesn't know shit about compressors so there aren't going to be any more suspicions than that...

Aug.23.2007 @ 3:32 AM

"...we need to keep them in business for the nonce."

Over here in the UK a "nonce" is the slang term for a convicted paedophile.

Enough said!


Aug.23.2007 @ 8:40 AM
"And since they know how to make compressors and we don't, we need to keep them in business for the convicted pedophile."

Aug.23.2007 @ 8:45 AM
Chris Randall
It's not my fault the English don't understand English. You guys will have to take that up with whomever is in charge of such things. But as it happens:

Noun. 1. A sexual deviant, having been convicted of a sex crime against children.
2. An objectionable or contemptible person, by extension of the definition in noun 1.

That is, suffice to say, not what I mean, and I've edited the post accordingly.

EDIT: Actually, in thinking about it, do the English have so many pederasts that you actually need a slang term for them, because it comes up in conversation so much? That's just odd. But then again, this from the nation that gave the world Michael Jackson, so we don't have much room to talk.



Aug.23.2007 @ 10:21 AM
I don't think that it's because the English have any more, proportionally, than any other nationality, it's just that the English language itself has been around for so long that it has accumulated a wonderful abundance of terms like "nonce", "kiddie-woggler", and so on.

I'm also pretty sure that the English do understand English - it's just that we get slightly confused when you chaps try to save money by missing out some of the letters - color for colour, flavor for flavour, analog for analogue, that sort of thing!


Aug.23.2007 @ 10:54 AM
Adam Schabtach
Gee, I didn't even know that blog existed. I'll have to watch it to see whether he gives away any secrets about the internals of their rather nice plug-ins. There are probably just as many as we give away here.

But wasn't that kind of a low blow? I mean, he even says right below that photo ".. and just when I'd convinced you I wasn't a cigar-smoking fat-cat..." Anyway, his point stands: we're not getting rich at this either. We're getting by, and we're having a good time, but my car is 17 years old and it's neither a Ferrari nor anything that qualifies as "vintage". (Perhaps most ironically, one channel of its stereo doesn't work.)

I haven't had a chance to even listen to TBK3 yet. I meant to do so during my decompression period (no pun intended) after shipping Dr. Device, but somehow I never got to it. What did I do with the time? Hmm... I think I spent about half of it working on my hardware sequencer and the other half playing TrackMania United.



Aug.23.2007 @ 11:54 AM
Listen hard to that TBK3...then bring us a thirty-dollar killer bus limiter.

Aug.23.2007 @ 4:25 PM
"It's not my fault the English don't understand English" CR

Just don't mention the Welsh.. a few of years ago the trashiest of the UK's Sunday tabloid rags ran a so colled "name and shame" campaign against convicted paedophiles...subsequent to this a Welsh doctor was beaten up by an maurading outraged mob....they'd heard that he was a known case there is a different term in the US, a paediatrician is a doctor who specialises in children's wasn't the only case:
link []">link []


Aug.24.2007 @ 11:26 PM
Chris, looking at this, I think we deserve to be treated to a top ten list of your favourite, can't-live-without VST plugins! If my memory serves me correctly, I don't remember any previous posts with such a thing.

Peace and fucking


Sep.14.2007 @ 1:17 PM
You're a funny man, Chris ;)

As it happens, I'm smoking a cigar right now too.
My Dad bought me a box while he was on hols! :D

Did that scratching ever get used?

I've been hiding away off the internet for about two months now... been moving house and coding. Japes.

If you're ever in the UK mate, gimme a shout - it'd be a special occasion, and as such I'll buy ya a cigar ;)

[they're not too expensive for special occasions... ;) ]



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