August 17, 2007

"Hey, Cocksmoker. Eat a bag of dicks."

by Chris Randall

Since we were discussing stage banter not a week ago, I suppose this article in the AV Club is relevant. But more importantly, it gives me the opportunity to post something with a title like "Hey, Cocksmoker. Eat a bag of dicks." How's that for NSFW? Plus it looks funny in the Zicos list next to all the press releases that OSXrecording poop out, saying shit like "Multi-Platinum Recording Artist T.I. Adds ICON to Echo Recording Studios." Eat a back of dicks, cocksmoker. The only people that care are T.I. and Digidesign.

In any case, this article, other than the Josh Homme section, doesn't have much bearing on what we were talking about, but there's some funny shit in there. Or sad, depending on your point of view. The Venom thing has obviously been making the rounds for many years now (I think I first heard it around '95 or so) as has the Paul Stanly one. (Am I the only person in the world that hates KISS? I _really_ hate 'em.)



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Aug.18.2007 @ 1:26 PM
When I was a kid my parents wouldn't let me listen to Kiss. In my house, it was all about that boring Miles Davis guy. I thought they were just uptight puritans. Turns out they were just trying to pass on a little good taste. Gene Simmons would clearly have fucked that up. Thanks, dad.

Aug.19.2007 @ 2:53 PM
I missed Kiss bashing? Damn. I mean, they were cool when I was 12. But really, they're a terrible band.

Aug.22.2007 @ 12:19 AM
Dave McAnally
I loathed Kiss until I realized how they are so terrible they are awesome. Where else has family guy parodied something only to have the real thing even be more absurd? link []">link []

"Everyone knows Teradactyls can't stand the screech of a guitar!"

Get 'em Ace!


Aug.22.2007 @ 10:37 AM
I saw QOTSA in 2005 and they were definitely saying stuff like that to the crowd. They didn't seem very happy to be playing live. They played "No One Knows" in about 30 seconds flat.

I've had my guitarist friend try to explain his love for KISS about a million times (unasked for), and we just end up in fist-fights over evangelistic bullshit. I think its just different mind-sets.


Aug.22.2007 @ 5:36 PM
Dave McAnally
I think the only way you can appreciate Kiss is if you view them like you view clowns @ a circus. In which case, they become hysterical...kinda like Spinal Tap except with a massive merchandise line behind them.

FWIW, I'm not saying I'm a fan...however, I think the people who actually ARE hardcore Kiss fans are as entertaining as the band very much in the same way. I used to work with a guy who about shit himself when the reunion tour happened (circa 95 or so). Came back from the show and gave me a whole sermon about how nobody can touch Ace as a guitarist because his guitar smokes and flies up into the rafters. And he said this dead serious.


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