August 8, 2007

Content? Check!

by Chris Randall

Okay, thanks to all the suggestions in the previous thread. I scored all of the Methodikal loops (handy stuff, that!) and I purchased the Abstrakt Breaks 2 package. Quite frankly, I found the latter a little underwhelming. I like the sounds, but the breaks aren't too useful, I don't think. I made a track last night using their source material, and ended up separating out the REX files in to individual sounds and moving them about. So, yeah...

In any event, the kind folks at Native Instruments took pity on me and finally weaned me of my Halion habit by thrusting Kontakt 2 on me. I had tried the demo of Kontakt 1, and was underwhelmed. In retrospect, it's a much nicer program than it lets on. If I had spent some time with the manual, I would have known this. But since I now have Kontakt 2, I'm gonna maybe purchase the Konkrete 2 package, because that seems more my speed.

In all honesty, I could probably make all these sorts of kits myself, but I just don't have the time. I'm getting backed up now, between Dr. Device's release and the computer failure(s). Two albums are now behind schedule, never mind all the licensing, and I barely have time for my leisure activities. (It's worth noting that while it may seem I spend an inordinate amount of time snowboarding or windsurfing or going to wineries, this is what keeps me from turning in to a fat, bitter old man. So it's necessity, not desire.)

But that said, I'll probably spend some time making Kontakt kits of stuff I use a lot, and this ridiculous Crumar string synth is the first victim. We'll see how that goes. On the bright side, I don't need to figure out how to convert all my old Halion patches because, well, I don't have them any more.

Oh, And... You probably noticed the new look to the site, so I won't belabor the obvious. Elle decided it was Time for a Change.



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Aug.08.2007 @ 5:02 PM
Hey, I still have a copy of your Blacet, CDX Organ, HP 2000CD, and SDS1000 if you want 'em :)

If anyone was wondering about a good way to convert Halion-->Kontakt, Extreme Sample Converter (link []">link []) does it.



Aug.08.2007 @ 8:33 PM
Change is Good.

Aug.08.2007 @ 10:10 PM
Thanx for the heads up on Abstrakt Breaks 2. I may go the same way and just purchase Konkrete 2. I've been using the first one incessantly since it was released.

Just a reminder for ya'll ? Redmatica?s AutoSampler can make short work out of compiling libraries (link []">link []). SAMPLIT and MimiK now do the same job. For those of you who've got good preamp converter setups, this is the shiz-nit.


Aug.08.2007 @ 11:14 PM
Crumar string synth...which?
I have and love the Crumar Orchestrator (and an Elka Solist 505 & a Crumar Roady). Italo synths are fun.

Aug.08.2007 @ 11:35 PM

Major props to Elle,

I like the new look alot.


Aug.08.2007 @ 11:55 PM
CR - Maybe you can talk NI into giving you a copy of the Kontakt2 training DVD. I know it may seem academic, especially for someone undoubtedly familiar with sampling as yourself, but there's a lot of features buried in grouping, keyswitching & such, and some of the of the methodology can be, well, not apparent, even using the manual. For instance, beat machine mode works amazingly like StylusRMX without all the interface bloat and loop conversion. But I would never had known it without the DVD.

And, yeah, KD2 does appear the business.

Nice redesign.


Aug.08.2007 @ 11:56 PM
props to Elle for the new design but need I point out how illogical it is to have the comments link at the top of the post? it confused the hell out of me since it used to be at the bottom.. if it's a lenghty post, the comments link will disappear off the top of the page.

Aug.09.2007 @ 10:18 AM
Sweet redesign!

I thought Abstrakt Breaks 2 was pretty cool, but I'm awfully biased since I got a free copy.

It's probably best to construct your own loops anyway, takes more time/effort but it'll come out much closer to what you actually want.


Aug.09.2007 @ 10:56 AM
The comments link weirded me out, too, but I've adjusted now I think.

I'm guessing the collection of recording noise samples was also lost in the hard drive death. Bummer.

Regarding Kontakt, I liked it better when trying it over Halion, although like all things NI, at some point you'll reach a "why the fuck would they do it like that" point. Still, K2 is pretty deep. I'd like it a lot better if they threw in Battery 3's wave editor. Hopefully in v3. NI has steeper competition these days, especially with Digi's Structure which was made by the Wizoo folk I think, so hopefully they'll step up their game a bit with the next iteration of Kontakt.


Aug.09.2007 @ 1:34 PM
the site is breaking a bit in safari, but i'll just use firefox. great otherwise.

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