August 7, 2007

Hey?!! What?

by Chris Randall

I got back to making music yesterday after spending the majority of the morning tracking down whatever was causing a CPU spike in Cubase 4. (Turns out the MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKING PIECE OF SHIT DONGLE needs to be plugged in a USB2.0 slot or it causes spikes. What the fuck?)

In any event, what I rapidly discovered is that I have no sounds. I'm used to my large (around 25GB) sample library that I've made over the last 10-odd years being handy. As it no longer exists, I keep finding myself annoyed that I don't have a sound I'm looking for. So I need to go get some sounds.

So, what's your favorite bread-n-butter loop and sample site? Or loop CDs that don't fucking blow. I don't mind paying for shit, and I'll even pay a lot, but what I don't want is having to sift through tons of shit. Obviously, I have BFD and Guru, so most of my stock drum needs are taken care of. And the first person that mentions Freesound is getting their IP banned. That site is a nice concept, but a useless tragedy in execution.



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Aug.10.2007 @ 6:15 AM
Bourbon Breaks are not legal as such no, nor is most of the Grid DnbWiki content actually, as it comes from unknown sources where you can't track the licensing, and certainly didn't purchase it even if there is licensing for the samples originally. Use your own best judgement...

I didn't know that about Bt's breaks from the new skool either, thanks. Just as well as I don't usually use sample cd's like this I just recall thinking it wasn't as bad as other artist made samplelibs I've checked. Most of the breaks he processed are pretty obvious, and the synthetic drums aren't hard to achieve either (assuming the work wasn't done by his studio hands anyway). Yet it still seemed clean & crisp where needed. License riders suck though...


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