August 3, 2007

Speaking of fun...

by Chris Randall

I went windsurfing at Hood River yesterday, because if I looked at a computer any more I was going to turn in to Stagger Lee. Today, with my sunburn well-tamed, it was time to address Installing Things in my new computer. I had to call Microsoft to move my Vista Business license from Old 'n' Busted to New Hotness. I was dreading this, but it actually turned out to be surprisingly painless, and took all of 2 minutes. Word to the wise: you can't move a Vista Home install, but you _can_ move a Vista Business install. Something to consider once you make the leap.

Next was 3DS Max, which is my main tool for making UIs for the Audio Damage stuff. We decided to spring for a little upgrade in the process, and now instead of Max 7 I'm using Max 9. So expect the AD plugin UIs to be 2 better than they were. (The upgrade also came with full copies of Combustion and Cleaner, lo and furthermore hark, so if I actually manage to find the time to make a video tutorial, it'll have really nice title graphics.)

Now, it's on to Cubase 4, Live, energyXT, and Bidule, and then I'll start putting in plugins. One nice thing about this recent destruction is that I'm finally able to completely purge my system of all... uh... "unofficial" versions. Since I don't have any old projects to load any more (hardy har har) I don't actually need any plugins in particular. So it's a nice opportunity to get things 100% official.

In going through my various NFR trades and plugs I've actually purchased, I think I'm going to thin the herd a bit anyways. I think I'll start with just our products and the Sonalksis line (which I've been getting a lot of use out of lately; I'm becoming quite fond of their TBK3 comp.) Then I'll add stuff as I need it until I have a full suite of working tools. It's a strange, yet oddly cathartic, place to be for me right now.




Aug.03.2007 @ 10:33 PM
I am right there with you re Sonalksis and the TBK3. In fact, I use the SV 315 comp, TBK3, and the SV EQ quite a bit . Also very fond of the TBK filter. Was wondering, how exactly are using the CQ1 and DQ1, if at all?


Aug.03.2007 @ 11:07 PM
Gotta love the Stagger Lee reference

Aug.03.2007 @ 11:23 PM
Chris Randall
I thought that Stagger Lee thing might be too oblique. Guess I was wrong.

In any event, I _love_ CQ1 and DQ1. You gotta get to know 'em first; spend some time with both of 'em on the two-buss and seeing how they hit your tunes (especially the DQ1, which is a bit of an odd beast.) I've totally given up on L3 in favor of CQ1. It isn't as immediate, and it doesn't give you that nice square wave pegged at zero (yeeeeeee haw!) but I think it's much more musical.

Obviously, you need L3 to be competitive in the trance and house markets, but if you make more dynamic tunes, and don't feel the need to peg your shit (understanding, of course, that the retarded end user is going to "normalize" it via iTunes) then CQ1 is a perfectly capable (and much less colorful) 2-buss comp.



Aug.04.2007 @ 1:37 AM
... and to think, if only Stagger Lee had the presence of mind to windsurfing instead. Well, there wouldn't be any songs about him.

Aug.04.2007 @ 2:23 AM
I finally got my replacement HD yesterday and installed most of the things I remember having before the crash. Now I'm trying to persuade myself to get the Sonalksis SV EQ & comp, Minimonsta and a bunch of AD plugins.

I was wondering if there are any serious alternatives to the Sonalksis line as UB Audio Units that aren't PACE protected. I've loved the SV EQ & compressor a lot when I've been demoing them, but I just realized I have no idea whether there's something else of comparable quality out there as AUs. URS and Waves are using PACE, Voxengo Mac versions still aren't out, etc... Only one I could think of right now was the MH ChannelStrip but seeing I can run about 8 of those on the 2882+DSP already, I'm not sure if I really feel like paying 350 bucks to get the native version just for convenience.


Aug.04.2007 @ 10:51 AM
Starting clean (on a new PC, with minimal/only legit stuff) is incredibly liberating.

In general, having fewer choices makes you more productive and more happy. Took me a long time to learn that.

I always tell people the approach they should take to music and life is to start with one thing, learn it inside out, and only add other things when you cannot possibly get what you want out of your existing tools.

How many different synths does one need? Each is a universe of possibilities, waiting to be explored.

How many compressors? Do we even turn knobs or program anymore?


Aug.04.2007 @ 12:43 PM
Chris Randall
Well, it bears mentioning that different compressors serve different purposes; one wouldn't strap a pair of Omnipressors on the 2-buss, in the same way that one wouldn't use an SSL 2-buss comp on the vocals. They do different things. Now, if you can find one does both and some other shit, as makes sense in the plugin world, you're in good shape.

You're right that most people don't really explore a plugin's potential; hell, I'm guilty of that.



Aug.04.2007 @ 1:15 PM
WHA? No URS A Series or Waves SSL? I must really need to check out these Sonalksis plugs...



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