August 2, 2007

A New Low In Demos...

by Chris Randall

Someone should mention to Prominy that the 90s happened. Superfuzz Bigmuff, bitches! But then again, I guess the guys that do the Sonic the Hedgehog in-game music need sample libraries too.




Aug.02.2007 @ 11:36 PM
I think you are forgetting that not everyone is recording their concept album. There is probably a market in this kind of thing for people who do music for TV commercials, TV shows, etc., who need a quick bit of guitar and don't have time to get a real guitarist (or can't have the guitarist come back every time their client makes revisions).

In the commercial when the skater kid takes off his earphones and bugs out with joy when his mom tells him there is Sunny Delight in the fridge, and you hear a little bit of the 'crazy rock music' mixed in, someone has to make that music - and they aren't going to pay a guitarist scale.

I don't think anyone is planning on using a sample collection to record their next metal album.


Aug.03.2007 @ 12:54 AM
Chris Randall
It's worth mentioning, since you brought it up, that the vast majority of my income comes from doing music for TV shows and video games, and the guy that sent this to me, Wade Alin, makes the entirety of his income doing music for TV. So, if _anyone_ is qualified to poke fun at this, using the paradigm you set forth, it'd be us.

Now, that said, that's exactly what this library is for, so you're half right. It doesn't make it any less gay, though.



Aug.03.2007 @ 1:33 AM
On the other side, Prominy has the best CP-80 library on the market, in my opinion. I couldn't care less about the guitar library, but we have to admit it got a lot of attentions around the web, so probably there is a market for these kind of things...

Aug.03.2007 @ 7:04 AM
If he can play this thing behind his head like all guitar greats can, then i'll be somewhat impressed.

Aug.03.2007 @ 7:21 AM
Is it just me, or does this bring back memories of the 9012Live tour? Its like some sort of acid flashback featuring Trevor Rabin in pantyhose.

Aug.03.2007 @ 10:07 AM
Wade Alin
well - I've gotta be honest. I found that clip by looking for the "best" sampled guitar library. I needed it for a rush job last night. Needless to say, I couldn't get it in time so I played it myself and just let it sound like crap (read: when I play guitar, it usually sounds like crap). And I don't plan on buying it in the future since we usually do get a real guitarist, pay him scale, and have him come back for revisions (or record a gazillion takes so we already have some alternatives there). Having Elliot Randall on my last record wasn't some kind of a fluke, he's the guy we use a lot of the time. And he's very hard to replace.

All that said, the reason this clip is so stunningly asstastic - is that they seem to be marketing not to people like me - but to teenagers with razor thin mustaches in the midst of writing their metal epic album. That's what makes it so humorous in the first place.


Aug.03.2007 @ 11:17 AM
D' MacKinnon
People still try to "play guitar" on keyboards? Why?

Aug.03.2007 @ 12:05 PM
Man, that's a hell of a lot of keyswitches to commit to memory in order to play something a decent GIT grad could wank off in an afternoon. Besides don't most clients want some Nu-Metal beats behind their hip young product. How many music cues does I Love the 80s Redux need?

Aug.03.2007 @ 3:35 PM
"let's suck.. together."

link []">link []


Aug.03.2007 @ 7:01 PM
I actually got a free (legal) copy of that library and can't remember what I did with it. Probably in the closet somewhere. Sampled guitars make me turtle.



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