July 21, 2007


by Chris Randall

Elle installed Google Analytics? for this site during her recent upgrade frenzy, and I've been amusing myself today by trying to sift useful information from the barage of data.

It's been running a month now, and there are some interesting things I've gleaned. For instance, there are more AI readers in L.A. than anywhere else in the world. Roughly 1/3 of all AI readers are on the West Coast of the USA, and of those, roughly half (so 1/6th of the total) are in L.A. The Oregon map shows some interesting data. For instance, there is an avid reader or two in Sheridan. For some reason, I find this fact somewhat disconcerting, as it is a town of some 3,000 people up in the Cascade range.

Although, when you think about it, the town AI is written in, Mill City, OR, makes Sheridan look like fuckin' Gotham. So there's that.

I'd also like to hear from the two people that regularly visit this site using SunOS. For some reason, I have it in my head that one of them lives in Sheridan. That'd be funny.

But other than that, the main thing I can glean from Google's analysis is that you all have much too much free time on your hands. Seriously. Make some music.



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Jul.23.2007 @ 2:19 AM
Im in Houston. And No, GW wasn't born in Texas. Love yr site. Novox.

Jul.23.2007 @ 3:01 AM
Hick town in Japan here. I'm afraid firefox automatically opens your blog in a tab every time I open it to do anything. Sorry about that.

Jul.23.2007 @ 6:08 AM
I used to look at this page a lot from a Sun Solaris machine but not so much lately. (The Sun thing.The actual looking is more frequent than ever) and i'm in Gothenburg.

Jul.23.2007 @ 7:29 AM
Tokyo Japan here

Jul.23.2007 @ 10:59 AM
I'm from Slovenia.

Jul.23.2007 @ 1:01 PM
I tend to read gear blogs like this one (my fave) to remind me of all the shit my gear can do, and then go do it. Have you ever looked at your 21st century state of the art (more or less) studio and just yawned? It helps keeping me engaged.

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