September 27, 2005

Man, oh, man...

by Chris Randall

I almost can't wait until Hardcore Gear Porn Friday, because I have a special feature. An unknown person provided me with pictures of the most ludicrous modular synth setup you'll ever see. The problem with putting these pics up is that all HCGPF entries after this one will seem kind of weak by comparision.

Well, no matter. Suffice to say that Friday's special edition of Hardcore Gear Porn will be a stunner.




Sep.28.2005 @ 1:58 AM
the harvestman
Found something worse than Hans Zimmer's room?

Sep.29.2005 @ 11:02 AM
This could be a future contender (more cult than quantity, but still):
link []">link []

But I'm guessing you'll find it hard to beat Joe Paradiso's VL-Tone eating setup:
link []">link []




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