July 20, 2007

Want a pristine perfect Wurli 200?

by Chris Randall

My good friend Don Mennerich (you may know him as dm of soundarc fame) has decided to sell his Wurlitzer 200, pictured above, to fund the purchase of a clav. I would buy it, but my gear budget is through the damned roof these days, and I'd just ruin it anyways.

Here's the details: it is a 200, not a 200A. It has all the accessories, and is essentially in brand-new condition. A Wurlitzer tech recapped the amp and reset all the keys to the original action. This is as close as you'll ever get to having a new Wurlitzer 200. Quite simply, there ain't none better. Anywhere. Don is looking to get something in the $1600 neck-of-the-woods, and personally I think this instrument is well worth it, when beat-to-hell versions go on the 'bay for north of $1200.

If you're interested, there are a couple more pictures here, and you can use the contact form above to drop me an email, which I will gladly forward. Don will be happy to answer any questions in the comments section of this post.

On a personal note, something like this doesn't come on sale very often (read: "never") so it's worth serious consideration if you're in the market for a Wurli.

EDIT: Sold. I'm jealous. Both of the new owner, and DM.




Jul.20.2007 @ 8:01 PM
Porco Rosso
A clav?


I recall seeing an e7 in a pawn shoppe in Utah 12 years ago for$75.

It was in perfect shape save for it was missing the key cover.

It still sits in my parents basement in Utah.

I should pick it up sometime.


Jul.21.2007 @ 6:26 AM
sold. Chris, your commission check is in the mail.

Porco, its safe to say your E7 has gone up in value a bit in the past decade. If I hadn't just purchased a D6 I'd be happy to give you 150.00 dollars for it...


Jul.21.2007 @ 12:53 PM
Farewell Wurlitzer: link [www.soundarc.ne...]">link [www.soundarc.ne...]

Jul.22.2007 @ 8:43 PM
They're out there, god knows they made enough of them. I got an extremely cherry 200a last year for $1200 including shipping from a dealer who cancelled his auction at my request. I thought that was a little high at the time, but I guess not! I highly recommend the Vintage Vibe replacement speakers, a huge improvement over the junk originally in there.

Jul.22.2007 @ 11:28 PM
fix your link in this.

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also tell your wife (she made the site right?) that your html needs to have " around your link urls. its very bad and old school to not do so. you might even get an SEO boost (probably not) by fixing it.

sorry, i design sites as my day job so I thought I should say something.




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