July 18, 2007

WTB: Lexicon Prime Time II

by Chris Randall

I'm looking for a Lexicon Prime Time II in good working order. Cosmetics not important, but everything internally has to be right. Please note that I DIDN'T say "Prime Time" or "Super Prime Time." I said "Prime Time II." If you've got you're looking to unload, drop me a line. Can't find one on Soundbroker. Sonic Circus doesn't have one. The ones on eBay are either in other countries or from people with 1 feedback, or both. Hook a brother up.


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Jul.19.2007 @ 1:32 AM
Aenemone Carbuncler
yes, the first, well, $100 shipping,wtf? so even if you have a problem, well shipping isn't refundable. went a guy's place last night to buy an unrelated piece on Craigslist, lots of great gear and i did spy an ptII, but asked for you today, he's not selling, don't blame him, but had to ask for Chris.

Jul.20.2007 @ 2:22 PM
link [analogjapan.net1.htm...]">link [analogjapan.net]

Don't know if they gotten better, but I heard nothing bad in a few years.


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