September 26, 2005

Keepin' it real...

by Chris Randall

Dangerous will be releasing this bad boy at AES; it's called Monitor. There will be two parts, the Monitor ST (which is stereo), and the add-on Monitor SR (which makes it surround.) It has the most bad-assest of all remotes, as you can plainly see. Think of it as a PreSonus Central Station with a serious meth habit. Apparently it is going to be $1800 for the stereo bit and the remote, which may seem like a lot for what is essentially a volume knob, but it sure does have a purdy mouth. Hit their website for glamour shots and better descriptors.

Dangerous has also dropped the Master, which is the ass-end of a mastering console. This is an area of the music production industry with which I have only passing familiarity. I master my own records now, but back when I was rich and famous and able to afford Bernie Grundman, I sat there while Brian Gardner repeatedly pressed the Good button. Basically, my visits to Bernie Grundman consisted of a flight to L.A., 3 hours spent admiring the several hundred gold and platinum records on the wall while Brian made my shit listenable, then flying back to Chicago. I don't know what the hell those guys do, and I don't understand the tools they use to do it. Anyways, yeah, Dangerous has some of that now. It's on their website. Etc.




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