June 22, 2007

A Team Project...

by Chris Randall

Okay, I've decided that this would be both interesting and useful, from the discussion in the Pet Sounds thread. I'd like to make a publicly available library of loops of useful background noise. I have a fairly lively library of this sort of thing myself, but I'd like to add to it.

So here's what I'd like to do: if you have an odd piece of gear that produces a nice hum, hiss, crackle, or whatever that is handy as sub-conscious spectrum filler, and want to add it to the collective, drop me a line via the contact link above. I would like 44.1 16-bit source, either WAV or AIFF, at least 4 seconds of it (at least enough to find zero crossings and make a loop that doesn't sound loopish; you'll have to be the judge as it will be source-dependent.) If you can just send me a link to a file via YouSendIt or something so I can download at my leisure, that would make me happy. Otherwise, go ahead and just email me the file itself.

Also, please provide me with information about what the source material is, and how you'd like to be credited. I'll cull out the crap, make nice loopables of the remainder, and put it all together in a ZIP and host it here.



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Jun.23.2007 @ 4:45 PM
Not really on topic, but here's someone playing the Mario Bros theme on a giant Tesla coil;
link [www.milkandcookes.co...]">link [www.milkandcookes.co...]

Jun.23.2007 @ 6:44 PM
DaveAA, thats amazing!
Certainly beats hearing it pumped out of yet another 12 string guitar.
God, can you imagine the kudos of having a tesla coil on-stage in a proper band situation. Infinite Spinal Tap points, methinks. Especially because someone would probably die.

Jun.23.2007 @ 7:28 PM
Yeah that Tesla solo deserves its own post. Super-sweet.

Jun.25.2007 @ 12:28 AM
"I'm all for the concept of Freesound. However, in practice I find the site to be exceptionally stupid."

Ha, agreed. There are some real gems in there, but it takes WAY too much digging most of the time. For example, if I want a field recording of some birds I'd have to sort through 50 clips of amateur synthesists trying to emulate bird sounds in Reaktor before I got the 3 recordings of real birds, two of which will probably have been recorded with an sm57 up a donkeys ass. Just do a search for Tesla coil, you would think with the tens of thousands of samples uploaded there would be a few badass Tesla coil samples right? Nope.


Jun.25.2007 @ 12:53 AM
Chris Randall
This dovetails nicely with the Linux post. Some things should just cost money, you know?



Jun.25.2007 @ 4:17 AM
of course you are right, when it is so easy to be critical

someone obviously went hunting on freesound
& found something worth putting in a feature film
& not a bad one either....
link [www.imdb.com]">link [www.imdb.com]

data eh?
its only worth the context you put it in

i applaud freesound


Jun.26.2007 @ 12:28 AM
New converters finally arrived, I guess I'll have to check out what kinds of crap I have at home. I've been sampling the hiss from a Logan string synth that I have which has worked really well, but my friend is borrowing the damn instrument so it'll take some time to actually get a sample recorded.

Jun.27.2007 @ 11:30 AM
I new my broken Fisher SpaceXpander would come in handy! I'll yank out Groove Tubes and put in some Dutch Amperex Bugle Boys.

You know subliminal background noise is WAY ph4tter when it comes from T00BZorz

Actually Pole made his living for years from the hiss of a broken Waldorf D-Pole

link [www.discogs.com]">link [www.discogs.com]


Oct.15.2007 @ 6:54 AM
Just found this thread on Google - are these sounds done / available for download?


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