June 22, 2007

Dr. Device Update (among other things)...

by Chris Randall

Oh, happy day. Dr. D is now chugging away on OS X, HIViews and Cocoa be damned! Have a look for yourself. What this means is that we're about to enter the Valley Of The Shadow Of All That Is T3H 3VIL In The World. (And by "we" I mean Adam, and by "T3H 3VIL" I mean AudioUnits, of course.) So, assuming Adam's iMac survives getting punched, thrown, and screamed at, we'll theoretically be entering the full beta stage at some point that could easily be called "Real Soon Now."

In other news, you'll note that I put up a little missive on Wednesday to the effect that we were switching over the AD site, then I took it down. Well, there was some other stuff that needed to be addressed that we weren't aware of. We'll be making another attempt early next week. Also, this site here is gonna get a facelift in the next couple days, so keep an eye out for that.




Jun.23.2007 @ 1:12 AM
For all your vitrol against AU, I'm glad you guys stick to making em for us.

Jun.23.2007 @ 2:28 AM
Chris Randall
Do you find it interesting that every single OS X install on the planet has the folder home/library/audio/plugins/VST straight from the factory? They might as well just pre-install Angus' wrapper and save us roughly 3 months of dev time out of every year.

I can't answer for that, obviously, but I sure am glad that company took the time to make a phone that can play stuff like this:

link [www.youtube.com]">link [www.youtube.com]



Jun.23.2007 @ 8:51 AM
If you use Logic then fair nuff...me? can't stand it, so AU is relegated to the 'wheel apple felt they had to reinvent'..

stuck with cubase thru thick and thin, works fine now


Jun.23.2007 @ 1:03 PM
Chris Randall

Statements like that make me so happy. I'll have to be honest and say that if another major change to the AU kit comes down the pike, in either the near- or medium-term, we'll have to seriously weigh the cost-benefit ratio of developing the little fuckers. While it is literally no problem whatsoever to make a VST on the Mac (it took Adam 2 hours and 20 minutes yesterday; I timed it) it is a _lot_ of trouble to make the AU, which is still really only useful for two hosts.

What I'll count during the AU port this time is the number of times Adam writes "FUCKING APPLE!!!" in the iChat window. We're getting to the point where we're all about cross-platform compatibility.



Jun.23.2007 @ 2:29 PM
so...what app besides logic is AU only developed for?
curious is there any advantage for apple users to use the au version instead of the vst version? i've always used the au version myself... but. no reason why...

Jun.23.2007 @ 5:59 PM
Chris Randall
A) If a plugin is available as both a VST and an AU, then it is essentially exactly the same inside. Ours are. There is no advantage whatsoever. Plugs that are both AU and VST adhere to the VST spec first.

B) The only other app that is AU only is DP, of course. We don't count e.g. Garageband, because that sort of app isn't used by the kind of people that generally buy plugins.



Jun.23.2007 @ 8:09 PM
beauty pill
I am a DP user and a dedicated Audio Damage fan.

For whatever that's worth.

- c


Jun.25.2007 @ 5:31 PM
All I want to know is... what's a Noinkrhythem?



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