June 19, 2007

Various Chandler Stuff In The Pipes.

by Chris Randall

Chandler Germ for 500 racks: As you can plainly see from the picture above, there are at least 3 Germanium mic pres now existing in the world. No price yet, but I would imagine they will be about $600. Chandler website, but there's nothing there about these.

Chandler Germanius Maximus: Also coming from Chandler is the new germanium-series channel strip. This is more my speed, as I don't particularly think the 500-series stuff is too good a deal, from a strictly cost-per-channel viewpoint. This bad boy is a Germ pre, a Germ comp, and a Germ EQ, all in one tasty blue-n-yellow rack space. Again, no info on the Chandler site, but Wade put up a teaser and such on Gearslutz, which you can read here. Word to the wise: the vast majority of that thread is about the name of the box. How this affects the actual unit is utterly beyond me. What's even funnier are some of the suggestions. One fellow who doesn't like "Germanius Maximus" suggested that Wade consider "Germanium Winkler" as a reasonable substitute via a 3-paragraph post. Seriously. I shit you not.

Anywho, it'll be $3500 or thereabouts, but you get a lot of kit for the money. One of these and an SSL E Channel, and you're made in the shade for whatever might come down the pike. Unless you're in to that whole stereo thing, in which case you need two. Personally, I think that's just a fad.



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Jun.19.2007 @ 8:16 AM
there was a time when the germanium Neve modules were considered junk and sold for nuthin! i'm not sure an all-germanium channel strip is really a basic food group, but Wade can apparently do no wrong.

Jun.19.2007 @ 11:56 AM
i bet those pre's will be more than $600. the pre/EQ (TG channel) in the chandler minirack mixer format are $1800 a piece. I don't think the 500 germ's will be that expensive but i'd be surprised if they were $600.

link [vintageking.com]">link [vintageking.com]


Jun.19.2007 @ 1:05 PM
Wade Alin
huh, there's another person named Wade on the planet, that makes like 4 of us. Maybe 5. I'm about to throw down on a 500 series rack, these could certainly come in handy.



Jun.19.2007 @ 3:28 PM
Does a power supply really add an extra 400-500$ to the price tag.
I mean, a germanium mono pre runs for about 1200$ while the 500 format will run for around 650-700$
a GR NV-1 runs for around 1100$ while the new 500 format goes for 750$
a Vintage design 1073 style pre cost around 1100 while their 500 goes for something around 700$.

Whats the deal here? Do they use cheaper components? different more cost effective designs?


Jun.19.2007 @ 3:30 PM
Btw, some offtopic
how do like your A7s ? I might get a pair to demo next month.

Jun.19.2007 @ 4:24 PM
Chris Randall
I _LOVE_ my A7s. I don't know how I made records without them. Buy them. Don't bother with the demo. Unless you can afford the S3A system; I'd get that instead if I had the coin.



Jun.19.2007 @ 5:20 PM
I got a pair of a7s a couple months ago based on CRs recommendations here, and they are great. I've never heard a set of speakers with anywhere near as accurate imaging, the bass is unbelievable for such small cones, and the highs are almost TOO realistic. As in, well recorded acoustic stuff sounds like it's right there, but on more electronic stuff, that you would only ever hear through speakers, the highs and transients sound almost
hyperrealistic. not in a bad way, though.

Jun.19.2007 @ 5:28 PM
Another thng i really love about them is that it's really easy to hear everything even at very low volumes.

Jun.19.2007 @ 6:48 PM
Wow,I'm glad to hear people are raving about it.
A mate of mine has got a pair which i listened to briefly
and i was very impressed.

About the Sa3,I'm upgrading from a pair of Maudio bx8 so... this just shows your my current finance statues :P

Btw here something i have been following closely for past few weeks.
the SC-1 is an amazing complete preamp kit for a great price.
a channel runs for 99$,a powersupply kit which can power up to 24 of these for about 40$ and the phantom power kit is another and a powertransformer (you can get a ready made,this is just cheaper i belive) for 30$.

Also the design can be easly modified to hold an output transformer of your choice - jensen, cinemag etc...

you can fit about 8 of them i belive into a 1U rack. its that compact.
it was only released this week so there are still not user feedback but the designer says it at the same "level" as the mid-highend
800-900$ pres.

Im geting a pair as soon as my next check comes in :)


Jun.19.2007 @ 9:51 PM
Wade Alin
some more 500 series pre's - i can't solder to save my life, my hand starts shaking just thinking about it, but these could be interesting.

link [www.eisenaudio.co...]">link [www.eisenaudio.co...]



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