September 25, 2005

A bit of a scoop...

by Chris Randall

Here's something worth talking about, right here. A fellow on the OSX Audio newsgroup posted a letter he received from Sony, as follows:

The current versions of the Oxford plugins for the Powercore platform,
(EQ, Dynamics, Inflator & TransMod), will run as both VST and Audio
Units compatible versions, but require Powercore hardware to provide DSP

We will, at some time in the future, produce native 'Audio Units'
versions of the Oxford range of plugins, but this won't be before the
first half of 2006 at the earliest due to other workload commitments.

Rod Mansell.
Sony Plugins Support.

So, if one would read that a certain way, some time after Q2 '06 Sony will be releasing native (read: VST and AU, no need for a PoCo) versions of its absolutely stellar plug-ins. Of course, the letter only mentions AU, but they would, of course, be silly to do AU and not VST.

However, if you read the thread, you'll see that our new friend Rod wasn't too happy that the person had posted his letter on OSXa. There is a psuedo retraction later on. Quite frankly, I don't believe the guy that posted it is at fault. If the information wasn't supposed to be made public, it shouldn't have been told to any random schmoe off the street, right?

So, Rod, you can come work for Audio Damage. It doesn't pay for shit, and we aren't as sexy as Sony, but we have a lot fewer secrets to keep, so it might be better suited to your temperment. You are, of course, being fired from Sony for breaking your NDA. I think that's a safe assumption.




Sep.26.2005 @ 2:13 AM
Suit & Tie Guy
wouldn't that violate the draconian non-compete agreement he had to sign first?

Sep.26.2005 @ 2:18 AM
Chris Randall
Only if we suddenly release the Oxford Delay.





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