June 13, 2007

Ah, the beach in the summer, just me and my keytar...

by Chris Randall

I've tried to tone down my hating on this site (don't hate the player, hate the game, right?) but sometimes you just can't stop yourself. Or at least I can't. Such is the case when Wade sent me a link to Key Orchestra. I don't feel bad about hating on them, because they're signed to a management sweat shop, and thus guilty of the most unpardonable of sins in my eyes.

(I'll grant that they're only the recipients of that saddest of sloppy seconds, a development deal, as far as I can tell, but still, there's no fucking excuse. But then, I guess someone has to stamp the license plates, right?)

But if you need some quick chuckles, have a gander at the pics on the sub-site, and marvel at the number of knobs and faders on that mouse as they burn through their demo deal money using the same ProTools everyone else has.



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Jun.14.2007 @ 7:38 AM
most excellent, thanks - this goes into the hopper with dotcom "incubators" and many other things as ways to spend stupid amounts of your own money while getting to feel like a player.

back off-topic - are we ever going to see a CR book? "The Shaolin Fist Of Death Guide To Making A Living In Music" wherein you share your wisdom, vibrant language, etc. is actually semi-serious Q, as the existing books and such tend to be written from a more top-40 perspective and aren't much fun. in any case, i have no doubt that it would be a good read, even for those of use who aren't trying to break into the biz.


Jun.14.2007 @ 7:53 AM

link [www.atlantic-arts.co...]">link [www.atlantic-arts.co...]

They're not musicians, they're a multi-media performance spectacular! Wow cares if you can play when you can pose like that!


Jun.14.2007 @ 8:26 AM
So, I've never been to Atlantic City (and I doubt I ever will - it's in fucking New Jersey, for god sake), but I am pretty positive that AC, being on, you know, the ocean and all, doesn't look like the Inner Harbor of Baltimore: link [www.atlantic-arts.co...]">link [www.atlantic-arts.co...] That first pic is definitely Bawlmer. Man, you need some hip-waders to get through the amount of bullshit coming from these people...

Jun.14.2007 @ 1:00 PM
"as the existing books and such tend to be written from a more top-40 perspective and aren't much fun."

Try <a=href"link [www.amazon.com]">link [www.amazon.com]"> this one</a>.


Jun.14.2007 @ 1:05 PM

Jun.14.2007 @ 1:12 PM
Chris Randall
Just the link is fine. No HTML allowed on this site; the engine parses links and email addresses. That said, yes, that's the book.

Am I ever going to write a book? Funny you bring that up, because you're like the third person to ask me that in as many days. It's enough trouble just doing the things I do; I don't need to add to the pile. Besides, I gave up touring a couple years ago (three? Was it that many?) and this business changes so fast most of my information on touring wouldn't be pertinent.

Plus, a lot of the advice I give, while technically correct, is actually quite bad. It's just what worked for me and people I know.



Jun.14.2007 @ 5:41 PM
What about a memoir or journal, like Get in the Van for the Industrial set?

Jun.14.2007 @ 5:55 PM
Chris Randall
(A) I could give two fucks about "the Industrial set." Those are the fucking pansie-assed losers that think VNV Nation is, like, good and stuff, and wear pirate clothes without irony.

(B) As for a memoir or journal, you're reading it. Or this one here:

link [www.chrisrandall.ne...]">link [www.chrisrandall.ne...]

Or if you're in to the whole completionist thing, this one here:

link [www.sistermachiun.co...]">link [www.sistermachiun.co...]



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