June 11, 2007

Evolution Redux...

by Chris Randall

Okay, it's official. This box isn't doing it for me. I liked it a lot at first, but now that I've had it a couple months, I don't really care for it. I can't really enumerate my reasons for this, except to say that it just doesn't fit in to my workflow very well. I'm moody as hell when it comes to gear, and my equipment has a fairly high turnover rate (except for the ?ber high-end stuff, which I tend to keep forever) so it should come as no surprise to those of you that know me.

So, anyone want an Evolver Desktop? Essentially like-new condition; it has sat on my desk for the last 4 months. I'm looking to trade for something interesting; an analog mono synth of some sort. Bonus points if it's rackmount and has MIDI, but neither feature is that important. Drop me an email via the "Contact" link above if you've got something you'd like to trade.



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Jun.13.2007 @ 11:10 AM
Chris Randall
I have to admit that I find that sort of behavior rather odd, just like the Mac v. PC debate that never seems to get old, even though convergent evolution has made the two virtually indistinguishable from a purely technical standpoint (to the point where either operating system can run on either platform, even.)

I'm one of those people that is very much about the forest, at the expense of the trees. I could give two fucks about any particular piece of gear or software. Sure, new stuff is always fun and inspirational, but I fail to see how any particular piece of gear or chunk of code can manage to define you, unless you're a single instrument kind of person. (e.g. David Gilmore and his Strat.) While I appreciate it when an instrument has depth, ultimately, its ease of use is what draws me to it, and the song rules all. Because something can plonk away with aplomb doesn't raise it in my book, unless the song calls for plonking.



Jun.13.2007 @ 11:11 AM
MPCs, but from what I can tell, its cult members seem to think that while the MPC mythos is great, all actual MPCs suck in comparison to that mythos.

I'm sure there's a successful blog thread in there some where, enumerating the many and most devoted gear cults.


Jun.13.2007 @ 11:29 AM
While MPCs do have a cult following no doubt, MPC users love to bitch about the MPC, about Akai's crappy customer service, about the software bugs, etc., even though they continue to buy and use MPCs.

MPC users have a very much disfunctional love/hate relationship with the MPC. They hate Akai with a passion, and know that Akai is basicly milking a cash cow, but no one has made a good enough knock-off of the MPC for them to switch to.

Don't people have the same love/hate relationship with Technics 1200s as well? They are the ubiquitous DJ turntable, and no real DJ uses anything but. However, I have only heard people complaining about them.


Jun.13.2007 @ 12:23 PM
Since I'm apparently going to buy a Metric Halo 2882+DSP any day now, I'd like to inform you that we MH users tend to stick our nose to any discussion possible to recommend a 2882 or ULN-2 whether or not it would be a sensible choice, get mad when somebody dares to suggest that there's something unfinished in what basically seems to be a one-man coding project (eg. Windows drivers were planned to be released on Dec 2003, and still haven't been), and gather to secret meetings in the midst of woods to sacrifice little bunnies and drink vodka.

I think MPC and 1200 users aren't really as touchy folk as users of boutique / indie products like MD or Evo, really. There's just the folklore (that might have part truth in it) that MPC (especially 60 and 3000 varieties) means shit hot hiphop beats and 1200 is the only turntable sturdy and usable enough to be worth using. Basically the people who have strongest opinions about them are the ones who don't have them. Those who do seem to develop the love-hate-relationship pretty fast, although I DO know a bunch of DJs who just love their SL1200s to pieces.


Jun.19.2007 @ 9:00 PM
CR - u have an admirable trait - when something just doesn't work for you - you dump it. I have gear sitting in boxes like a Korg Prophecy whose user interface only a Japanese nerd would love and the parameter for "Filter Cutoff Frequency" should be labeled "Zipper Noise".


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